Levi Ackerman vs Beast Titan | Attack on Titan Season 3

Levi Ackerman vs Beast Titan | Attack on Titan Season 3
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The Exploration Battalion returns to Shinganshina to plug the breach of the Maria Wall with Eren’s solidifying power. Arrived at the scene, Eren transforms and plugs the first breach. Armin and other soldiers then find three containers that have been used for drinking recently. It turns out that they belong to Reiner, Bertolt and Beast titan

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  1. 1:20
    "My name is Levi Ackerman, I want you to know that. The last thing you ever going to see is an Ackerman smiling down at you as you die."

    That's how I watched that scene. So epic!

  2. Here I’m thinking that this will finally bring out Levi full power when he just sliced the beast titian in to pork chops

  3. Beast Titan: I am the final boss of this season!

    Levi: You are what?

    Zeke: Haha my bad. You know I'm just messing around Lev-

    Levi: That's Captain Boss Levi…

    Zeke: You're right. My apologies. Captain Boss Levi ??

  4. this scene left me shocked the first time I watched it. I knew Levi is so strong, but I absolutely didn't expect him to defeat the Beast Titan this easily, he was literally flawless in every move. one of the most satisfying scenes in the whole series!

  5. meanwhile in alternate universe
    John Wick : "tell them, whoever comes, whoever it is, i'll kill them. i'll kill them all"
    sees Levi coming
    John Wick : "nah" runs with a pencil

  6. No one:
    Not a single soul:
    Levi: Completely shreds a many episode hyped up outrageous Titan in a matter of 5 seconds

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