Friday Fails #73

Friday Fails #73
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Friday means fails ☠️ If you want to submit a fail simply upload your video under crashes here:

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Thanks to all that submitted them in! Have a fail on Pinkbike? Send us a message on here and we’ll include you in the next one.

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  1. Does anyone else LOVE the friday fails intro? I think it's so funny. How the birds are chirping and it's so peaceful and he hits the takeoff lookin like the jump is gonna go perfectly fine, then BAM explosion. I love it. Giggle every time.

  2. 90% of these people think about advice too literally, like they hear to lean back off a drop, so all they do is lean back like a robot. I think becoming more natural and less robotic on the bike seems important

  3. 2:35 he could have had a chance to make it but he chose a 100% chance of crashing by letting go of the handlebars just before the landing… lol

  4. да не поломается человек управляющий велом , да не исчезнет смазка с цепи , и не охуярит грязью с преднего колеса, пусть песок никогда не накидывает на переклюки, ды на звёзды и цепь! аминь

  5. Most of this crashes are because people dont know how to drop or jump properly
    Also, seems most riders dont have a chest or neck brace protection and this is so dumb if you are going to do these jumps

  6. That series is a great reminder for all that thinks that wearing a helmet is not that important. Some serious bangs in this one ☝️

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