Opt to Adopt- An Animal Shelter Video

Opt to Adopt- An Animal Shelter Video
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In the United States alone, an estimated 6-8 million beautiful animals are placed in animal shelters each years.

From that number an estimated 3-4 million animals make it out alive. The rest are euthanized.

In the United States and many other areas across the world, we are being faces with massive pet overpopulation. Ignorant and irresponsible owners are not spaying and neutering their animals, and are letting their pets have puppies or kittens.

Many times it is because parents want their children to experience the birth of animals. It can feel like a beautiful experience to see a new mother cat gently licking her newborn kittens. The sad thing is, this can actually send a bad image to children. After all, I´ve never seen a case in which these newborn kittens or puppies stay with the family for long. They are all sold or given away. Does this send a good image? No, it tells children that animals are to be used by people and that they can be given away or sold for profit.

Think about this: every single kitten or puppy that your pet has, another beautiful life will be euthanized at a shelter. When a breeder or regular person with an intact animal sells the kittens and puppies, they are taking away a home that an animal at an animal shelter may have taken. This is the sad reality of the present world. By creating life, you are also destroying life in the process.

What is sickening is when animal shelters are blamed for the problem. No, they are not at fault. The kill shelters are taking the fall for the ignorant people who continue to let their pets breed. Kill shelters are oftentimes located in places where pet overpopulation is high. They are crushed in an endless cycle of taking in animals to try and find them homes, and euthanization. When there are not enough homes, and animals are coming in every day, they are left with no choice.

If you do not want to support the euthanization of animals, then try and find a good no-kill shelter. There are many of these all around. If you want to find a way to help the animals languishing in kill shelters, find a no-kill shelter that has an outreach program (a program in which the no-kill shelter goes to high kill animal shelters and rescues many of the animals there by bringing them back to their own shelter). A plus of supporting a no-kill shelter is that you are not paying for the euthanization process of other animals when you pay for your new pet. You will be paying for the continual care of other animals there.

If you are dying to have a purebred animal for whatever reason, then find a good purebred rescue league. Nearly every dog breed has one. If you just want a purebred and don´t care what breed, 25% of animal shelter animals are purebred. In some cases, the animal shelter might not even know, and mislabel a purebred as a mix!

So next time you go to a breeder or pet store (who get their animals from cruel puppy mills, but that is a topic for another day), or your own pet gets pregnant just think. Think about the lives that may be lost as a result of your direct action.

Please, spay and neuter your animals, and opt to adopt from animal shelters.


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“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
– Mohandas Gandhi


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  1. I support kill shelters. Instead of hating on kill shelters you can go and buy an animal from a kill shelter to prevent it from being a kill shelter.

  2. We need a cultural change that makes it clear that decent people do not abandon their pets.   Few people would abandon a pet if they knew they'd be treated with disgust as a result.
    If you can't or won't care for a pet – don't get one, it's as simple as that.

  3. Its so expensive to adopt a dog! Id love to take some in, I think thats why they have so many that end up being put down!!!!!!! I realize they need funds to support the care and staff/facilities that take care of them but come on….maybe if they would consider giving those up that have been un-adopted after a few months rather than just putting them down, they are still out of the money they had invested plus the cost of uthinaztion……I hate seeing those commercials, Im a dog lover

  4. AnimalLoversAsOne Is a facebook page that helps share shelter animals to their fans, hoping to find a foster or a home, there are many many of these facebook pages. to find them type "shelter" or "adopt" and there should be a few that pops up, and most of all these groups connects to many other groups, sharing shelter animals that needed a home. If you cannot adopt or foster, join so that they can be shared to others

  5. hey hey hey all this sad stuff will make you cry so why dont you come on down to my channel of justin bieber i have everyhting from justin interviews to justin music videos even to funny moments so please check out my channel and subscribe

  6. Perhaps less animals would have to be put down if every shelter had the CNR program. It is a wonderful program where feral cats that are too wild to be adopted are captured, neutered so that they cant breed, and then released where they were found. I wish they would use this program for feral dogs too. Maybe things would be better if they turned kill-shelters into release shelters.

    I hate seeing loving pets die.

  7. I completely agree with adopting, not buying, but if we don't support and work with ALL the local animal shelters that happen to NOT be no-kill, lives will not be saved. ALL animals should be adopted from all shelters, regardless if they are in no-kill shelters or not. I live in Los Angeles. Volunteers and several animal rights groups and charities work with all the shelters to make sure the most animals possible get adopted out, even though currently the local county shelters are not no-kill.

  8. @Crazywaffle5150 I think dogs are way too domesticated to live on their own now. The average lifespan of a stray dog is only about two years because the food they eat in the garbage is so toxic. If they can live in a healthy home, their lifespan is increased considerably.

  9. Glad I adopted my dog Monti. A 2 year old pit bull terrier (red nose) was raised for fighting and he was barely fed and rarely had water. He lived with a family who had no a/c, no heater and always slept outside. When human society got him from animal control you could see his ribs. I can say that my money is well spent on his food/toys, dog bed and everything else. If DHR had me up for an adoption I would love for a family to take me in.

  10. My first dog I bought from a pet store. I don't regret having him in the least bit, but a few years later, I did get educated on shelter dogs. My second dog is a rescue and now I have two incredibly sweet dogs. You won't regret adopting.

  11. Please adopt your next pet from your local animal shelter. That way a life will be saved these animals deserve to be in a home were they will be loved. They do not deserve to be in a cage .

  12. I want to run the worlds largest pet sanctuary/shelter where ALL types of animals are cared for properly whether they have to have $10,000 surgery or just need a home.Also to stop kill shelters I want to link with them to take unwanted,would be euthanized animals.We dont kill orphans and unwanted kids in foster homes so why do it to innocent animals who never had a chance?

  13. @markee871 Yes because I am sure you bring homeless people in your home to live. Why do people think that because you help animals it means you can't help humans? For your information every year around Christmas time I volunteer at a homeless shelter. Not that I have to explain myself to you.

  14. People should only get animals from shelters. There are too many selfish people who buy from breeders for appearance and ego reasons. This is so sad because there are so many homeless pets that need our help. I adopted two cats from shelters three years ago and it is the best thing I have ever done.

  15. my mom has allergies so she said we had to get a purebred… I wanted a shelter dog… I wish I could take them all home and adore them hugs playing and petting every day! but I lack the means to give them the care they need so I can't take them in. if you can't take care of it don't get it found that out with my parraket and wound up giving him to my aunt who's last parrakets died of old age

  16. @75LEONidAs75 I have adopted two wonderful dogs from a shelter and tomorrow I will get the new member of our family a cute and lovely female cat…I wish I could do more to save as many lives as I could! Animals are so special and people may be very selfish sometimes!

  17. I have adopted two wonderful dogs from the Humane Society in Charleston, West Virginia. Tomorrow a new member of our family will join us…a lovely female five-month-old cat. Pets from shelters are so wonderful and I cannot understand people buying animals from puppie mills instead of giving one of those great creatures a forever loving home.

  18. This proves that we humans cannot love. ANimals give us so much love unconditionally, yet we cannot return that love. SO sad. Maybe WE are the true 'animals,' not them.

  19. I got my dog from a shelter when she was only 3 months old Someone found her in a box on the side of the road and brought her in When I saw her I knew she was the one. She has been the most wonderful companion I could ever hope to have. She sleeps in my bed frequently and is next to me right now with her head on my lap She has learned many tricks and is extremely intelligent We will be celebrating her 5th birthday in January I cant believe Ive had her that long

  20. Most people cant adopt dogs from shelters cause of all there rules, cant have kids under this age, and whatever else they got and turn alot of people away for silly/stupid to good reasons depending on person. Thats why people shell out more money for a pet store puppy, because all they have to do is heres the money now give me my puppy, plus they can do instalment plans by 50 bucks a month as an example! Or they go other abouts getting a dog outside shelter setting. Which is more of the problem

  21. We would have to change the shelters forms/rules, they are way to picky, in my town they made the form longer, repeating questions over again in different ways, its annoying. Almost not worth it, people are turned away by the home visits + other conditions that are required of them to adopt at all.

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