Drivers without Driver Skills #823

Drivers without Driver Skills #823
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Drivers without Driver Skills #823 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. 5:05 is the drivers fault. She's so fucking close to the truck. So many accidents could be prevented if people would learn to maintain a certain distance between cars.

  2. The major crashes are all the same thing… Either they’re drunk high fallen asleep or speeding carelessly. But the accidents that happened in slow motion I just don’t get it. You can see it coming you have plenty of time to stop it so I don’t even know how they happen. Stupidity?

  3. i don't get people who get stuck on train track crossing and the lazy around what to do next.. get out of there fast, go trough that ramp if u must idiots..

  4. 7:35 when you thought it was gonn be cool, you started Laughing, and then slowly realize that if they didn't give up the bananas that it could have gotten really scary.. drive by mugging by an elephant! 😁🐘

  5. Советчик с берега это из анекдота про почему сексом напротив кремля заняться невозможно.

  6. It is egregiously racist to force the noble people of color to utilize technology developed by the White race for the purposes of oppressing the noble people of color.

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