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  1. It's sad but our young black youths have not a clue on life you can tell every time one of these losers video and post this trash the day's of real friends are gone because a true friend would not even let this happened people please wake up young people we don't have too worry about white America bringing you down your doing a pretty good job SMH and you wonder why white America don't take black lives seriously this proves them right you act like wild animals!!!

  2. 😐☝actually it was a challange not over a man but about beauty who is stranger & more beautiful & dress better a mean girls type of metholagy. The young girl challange the girl in the pink and lost like a david & galiethe as females but david lost completely and got her hair ripped off the young one bullied the bigger one in this fight & lost pink wins 🏆. No shame gray girl just fight someone your size ok.

  3. Our black young men are killing each other and our young black women is beating the hell out each other what are we going to do….something is got to give enough is enough…..

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