Epic Instant Justice in Police Chase 2017, Idiot Drivers vs Cops on Dashcam #37

Epic Instant Justice in Police Chase 2017, Idiot Drivers vs Cops on Dashcam #37
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Epic Instant Justice in Police Chase 2017, Idiot Drivers vs Cops on Dashcam #37 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  1. Hey sarge, I just had a 4 foot tall fully nude lady steal my truck as I was getting a towel for her from the back seat so she could cover up. We caught her shortly after, not sure how to feel about this situation though, can you come down here?

  2. Americans, any idea what the guy running from police around 1:15 had done for the New Mexico police to start shooting at him with ARs? Because that'd be considered insane in most of the world unless the guy had just committed some big terror attack or something.
    And that goes for countries usually considered far worse/less civilized/whatever than the USA as well, it's not just in other first world countries where that is completely unthinkable for police officers. :O

  3. Naver piss? off Aries♈ Challedg to any beususe no time for game? with or Voied Game baby mind 24/7 Blame my Techer? Mr Ring and my ???fack??????Facebook???Friends????^ Bad? KARM? for?♈?you????^Tught shit Tught love gat use to it Jocke on you???

  4. My goodness! Are all police officers in Australia such sort of friendly? “Get out of the car! Get out of the car! (he is already out) Get out of the car! Get out of the car! Get over there!“

  5. Never try to outrun a 'Lada' they are built like a skip and will trash you with no problem.
    Only 25Hp but use it wisely and you can escape 6 Cops on your tail. They are frightened of damaging their Police Cars, because all damage repairs deducted from measly salary.

  6. Well that's a new one Aussie Cop, foul language and threatening behavior, show the Judge the Video and it would collapse your case. No need for that type of BULLY BOY tactics ! (3:54)

  7. You ever notice that when you get a car or something stolen it's "you can replace things but not a life" until it's the cops that get their car stolen then it's 90 cops chasing the perp then half a dozen jumping up and down on him when the drag him out of the car if they don't shoot him first. But you fire one little shot at the bastard that is stealing your car and they get all pissey about it, ok if it was me it would be every round in the gun and reload if possible but you get the idea.

  8. Last guy should be demoted to squad car washer for two years, man you royally fucking up. leave that druggy bitch naked, cuff her, then get a blanket…that's how I do it.

  9. Lol wtf is up with that very last part with the naked girl? You know that guy caught so much shit from the other cops in the dept asking him how he got his truck stolen by a naked girl.

  10. @2:58, I fucking love Aussies. If only it was easier for a US Citizen to emigrate there and if they allowed firearm ownership like they do here in some free states in the union I'd want to relocate there. Sadly my profession / field isn't on their approved list for a work visa so too bad. 🙁

  11. cop cars need chips that lock/unlock the doors with something embedded in their uniform. won't solve everything, but keep seeing these cases where they walk away quickly and lose their vehicle 0.o

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