BEST FOOD 2018 – My YouTube Rewind!

BEST FOOD 2018 - My YouTube Rewind!
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First, I want to say a huge thank you for your amazing support – for watching, sharing, liking, our videos, and for your positivity and encouragement throughout the year.

I love to eat vegetables, but 2018 turned into a bit of a meat heavy year, but I probably had some of the best meat dishes I have ever had in my life.

In this list of best food 2018, along with the top 10 meals in 2018, I also included 10 of my favorite travel destinations, and the camera / video gear I used throughout the year – you can see that on the blog:

From Mexico to Pakistani, it was an amazing year, and thank you again for your incredible support!

Happy New Year!


CAMERA GEAR I used to make this video (these are affiliate links):
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Main lens:
2nd lens:


Thank you for watching!


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  1. India. Is probably not on ur list, because you're a Hard Core meat eater.
    And we Indians are the largest population of vegetarians in the world.

  2. After getting inspired from this video I am going today to Peshawar, for Chappli Kebabs.. can anyone please tell me the restaurant name which is shown in this video… Location: Taru Jabba, Peshawar, Pakistan

  3. I find most of the food not appetizing at all. I don't think I would ever try any of this!! I am surprised you keep making the happy face when try the food lol

  4. I really want to give you compliment Mark for highlighting the beauty of Pakistan. Pakistan is a peaceful, respective and full of love people. They are famous for their hospitality. Foreigners must visit Pakistan and i bet you people will give you much more respect like own family. I told you Mark you will never forget Pakistan and people of Pakistan

  5. U r always welcome in pakistan.. thanks for the respect u showed for our country and its culture. Btw i love watching ur videos.. u r doing a great job.. big fan of urs..

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