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  1. 1. That trainer is literally wearing sandals and not a helmet.
    2. you did nothing wrong and handled the situation fine.
    3. That stables should not have horses that like that be taken out on a hack, it's extremely dangerous for riders especially if they have never dealt with a horse like that.

  2. No control of that horse whatsoever,clearly a novice and should never even be on a beach hack either!!… angers me so fucking much!! “I love the adrenaline” be quiet you silly girl! You clearly shouldn’t even be galloping in the first place..grabbing his mane because you clearly shit yourself and had no control in the slightest and those reigns though 😂😂. You say you love horse riding… well get a ton of proper lessons in before you even think about venturing out on a hack. Obviously I couldn’t see what you were doing but those reigns were everywhere. Must learn when to shorten and give reign and your hands only ever need to be just above the pommel,you never need to give huge wide reign .. never!!🙄

  3. You’re not wearing any gear apart from a helmet no boots no nothing. I understand you did your best and all this was scary when it happened and it’s all a learning experience at the end of the day but you should have at least worn the correct attire.

  4. They shouldn’t have put you on a horse that is too difficult for you to control. You also shouldn’t have said you loved it when you were clearly scared. Lots of mistakes here

  5. Where did you even fall because to me it’s like you dismounted and landed on your feet. Didn’t even see you standing back up

  6. When I was riding one of my horses, dioblo, who is nuts, and he tuck off , he only trots or gallops, so I had to do what I had to do in the cross-country field, there i got him in a steadier gallop and circled him. That didn't work as he rared and that lost my stirrups, leaving my hands in controlled. I held the maneger as he went over the first jump, about 80cm so I was safe but In came the 1meter fence. As I had no stirrups, I was sure to be dead meat and fall off but he immediately swung leaving me topple over but not fall off. I was alone so I couldn't just fall off as no one would catch him because I had a very bad ancle after he swung me into the 1meter fence and he could be lost from his escapes from the field before. But I got my stirrups and trotted him back. I got him to walk witch was a progress to his training but I didn't jump the fences I just took the 15 minute rode back to the stables, and reached safely home but my leg was sprained because of him smashing into the fence.he is getting closer to being slower and the riders have more controlle now. That's my experience with my 60 horses in the stables with my horse dioblo.

  7. OMG u did not almost die u drummer-queen and u could have stopped him u should no if a horse is bolting you should bend them to stop not pull on them

  8. i think you are really brave . Few months ago my favorite horse did the same, and i still don't know why…i mean, he is the boldest thoroughbred in the stable! And oh, i tried my best to pull off the rein but he just got faster and faster… i held on for like 5 minutes and fell really badly that time and nearly broke my left arm.He's still my best buddy, but that experience really scared me

  9. So much wrong with this video…
    1. You need more experience and riding lessons
    2. That "instructor" is very bad
    3. The horse needs serious training

  10. I don't think that's a normal thing to happen but does happen, and there are some horses that just don't stop when you ask to, you pull off the reins, say STOP but just doesn't work so you keep trying and or you stay on the horse and make a success with stopping it or you just fall, your horse was running fast.. if you didn't manage the situation that well it could really had been a bad fall.
    To the comments saying that wasn't near death, you never know..

  11. Look, to everybody in the comments saying that it wasn’t going that fast, please take into consideration that you don’t know all the facts. That horse was going extremely fast and on uneven terrain. Galloping on flat land if very different than running through the woods. If the horse had tripped and did a rotational someone could be very injured. It may not look fast and scary to us but you weren’t in that situation. It was unexpected and probably felt like near death. She sat very well considering the circumstances.

  12. Here is a tip so that doesn't happen again. You sit down deep, and slide your hand down the rein on one side. You pull their head to their shoulder, as the horse will turn and the speed will decrease to a point where you can either stop him or get off without getting hurt. If a horse is turned to the opposite direction it is planning to go, and you turn them the opposite direction, they will slow themselves down and no one gets hurt.

  13. 90% of the comment section: “The horse wasn’t even going that fast you can’t ride stop fake advertising you’re so stupid” Trying to look like a pro equestrian and actually looking like a bully

    8% of the comment section: “It wasn’t near death” Tryin to look hard

    2% of the comment section: “You sat that so well! Well done you’re so brave!” Actually being kind and supportive

    C’mon guys. Can’t YouTube just be like it always used to! No wonder YouTube is shutting down the comments. It’s all because of this hate!

  14. hi i wanted to share a good tip on what to do in your situation if it happens again witch is when the hores gets out of control you yank or move fast you pull one rein to the opposite shoulder like left rein up to right shoulder so that the horses head is turn so it cant see infront of it and the horse should stop soon

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