Amazing Animals That Saved Humans!

Amazing Animals That Saved Humans!
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Check out these Amazing Animals That Saved Humans! This top 10 list of amazing stories of animals saving people’s lives has some unbelievable stories you have to hear!

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8. She’s One Of Us
There’s a lot of darkness in the world, and things such as kidnappings happen quite often, but in 2005, one girl found herself saved by an unlikely trio. Of lions!!
This happened in Ethiopia, where a little 12-year-old girl was kidnapped by 4 men, with very bad intentions and one was trying to force her to marry him apparently but regardless, it wasn’t good.

7. Kevin and the Sea Lion
There was a man named Kevin Hines, and for him, his life was becoming too much to bear. Hines was suffering from multiple mental disorders, including depression and being bipolar. These factors led him to try and commit suicide. He, like many others decided he wanted to jump off the Golden Gate Bridge and drown or hopefully end it all as he hit the water.

6. Jambo and Levan
While zoos are a fun place to go, they can be dangerous if you don’t follow the rules, such as not going into the animal pens. This is what happened to a little boy in the Jersey Zoo. In 1986, a 5-year-old boy named Levan Merritt was watching the gorilla pen when he accidentally fell in somehow, getting knocked unconscious in the process.

5. Battle of the Alphas
When it comes to being out in the wild, there are plenty of animals to watch out for, such as lions and tigers and bears!! For Robert Biggs, it was just another day of hiking through the woods of California. As he was going on his way, he saw something: a couple of bears. A mother along with her young cub. He was wise enough not to try and provoke them, but, just observed them from a distance.

4. Dolphin Pack
You often hear tales of dolphins saving human beings from sharks, but rarely is it seen quite like it was for Rob Howes and his friends and daughter. They were swimming in Whangarei (fun-gah-ray), New Zealand, when suddenly, seven dolphins appeared around them. Quite inexplicably. They just started to circle around the group as they kept swimming. While they were all flattered and excited to be swimming with dolphins they decided to head back.

3. Deer in your Headlights
One of the biggest dangers on the road isn’t other people, it’s deer. But sometimes, a deer can save a life, such as one who helped a woman in Oxford, Ohio. This occurred in February of 2012, when a woman was just walking through the town when suddenly a man attacked her. He grabbed the woman and pulled her behind a nearby building.

2. Mila the Beluga Whale
Whales are incredibly intelligent creatures, and often surprise us at how they are able to interact with other species and even us. Mila the Beluga was able to sense something was very wrong with one particular human, and saved her life.

1. The Dolphin
D is one of the most famous actors in history. From TV shows, to TV movies, and of course, his legendary films with Disney and more have led him to being one of the biggest stars Hollywood has ever had. But even he needed help sometimes, including from a dolphin who literally saved his life.


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  1. Once I was at the aquariumAnd I fell into the shark exhibit and then a shark notice me and I was freaking out but that sure helped me up and then I will say free bring it to the hospital and after two weeks I came back

  2. I was in the Zoo, and, someone from behind pushed me into the gorilla enclosure. I lay there, unconscious, and a gorilla, who goes by the name of Jiing Bei, picked me up and took me onto a rock. He stroke me until I awoke. He covered the cut on my back and kept me still. Then, he carried me, over to the zoo door, and protected me. He kept me safe. He kept me alive. I still know this gorilla, and he saved my life.

  3. I have one,when I was in my backyard a pit bull came to bite me and a German Shepard a random one came to rescue me and we adopted it.Like it you ever been rescued by an animal.

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