Mistakes of drivers! Dashcam Fails 2018 June #791

Mistakes of drivers! Dashcam Fails 2018 June #791
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Mistakes of drivers! Dashcam Fails 2018 June #791 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. I have no idea what they are saying in the beginning of most cctube videoes with the animals crossing in the crosswalk, then that last video where they're stopping for the duckings..love it! Gotta say..have mad respect for whatever country these are filmed in!

  2. The way the Chinese drivers so often seem to causally dole out and take low speed body damage makes me think either paint and body work is really cheap over there or they are suffering from a condition that keeps them from understanding spatial relationships.

  3. Two questions: Why would those drivers want to mess with the issues surrounding a collision ( insurance and police)rather than just giving way to another driver? They all seem to drive with tiny penises. Why can they not get the fact that there is a reason turns are seldom successful when made from the opposite lane…..especially if the driver doesn't use mirrors?

  4. Fuck.. man.. You cant get crashes like this in North America.. Like wtf is wrong with these people.. SO DUMB!!

  5. люди… как вы замечаете уточек на дороге и не видите пешехода на зебре!???

  6. Who would be responsible for hitting a piece of furniture in the middle of the freeway, would there rates go up, would they catch the person that was reckless and didn’t tie it down right? I can’t to find to much about it on google

  7. Bookcase guy. He's complaining because everyone is braking then, breaks late. Then after he hits the bookcase you'll notice that both lanes are clear on either side of him. He could've easily changed lanes.

  8. I just want to shake these people and scream at them to slow the hell down. Like, if you're passing all the other traffic, get your foot off the goddamn gas pedal! See, everyone else has slowed down because of something up ahead that you can't see yet.

  9. 9:21 funny how all 3 cars in front managed to dodge it but the dirver didnt. Like if THREE cars are swerving to the same direction in front of you something stationary is defintively there.

  10. What is with these spazpeckers who have to go warp speed through busy intersections?! And the amount of drivers who have absolutely no spatial awareness apart from the front of their bonnets is scary.

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