Driving Fails and Funny Drivers – Daily Car Videos List #662

Driving Fails and Funny Drivers - Daily Car Videos List #662
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Driving Fails and Funny Drivers – Daily Car Videos List #662 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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The best collection of car video caught on Dash Cam from around the world. On this channel you will find a large selection of videos on various topics of car: idiot drivers, road rage, driving fails, close calls, instant karma, and many other collections. All pleasant viewing! Recent compilations every day!.

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  1. What I learned from this video… every Russian guy sounds the exact same as the Klingons from Star Trek.

    “Mooo lak OOOHHhhh…”

  2. Unbelievable…how do these people get there licenses? Every single accident in this vid wri either speeding or not paying attention

  3. 11:20 – What do you do? Keep your distance if they force you over to stop. If they pull out a weapon, break their leg with your car. I would.

    If someone doesn't like your driving, they should call a cop instead of road raging.

  4. 0:38 – No doubt half those watching blame the pedestrians for crossing legally or other other cars for stopping to let them cross.
    1:25 – You can't spell in*CO*m*P*etent without c-o-p.
    2:24 – If the idiot with the camera can't see a vehicle's lights in front of him, why does he have a license?
    2:35 – Asshats like that hit and run driver should be executed on the spot.

  5. The one that starts at 9:52. The guy behind is complaining he couldn't see the indicators because the guy in front wasn't far enough ahead. You don't move so close that indicators can't be seen. The guy behind just proved he was in the wrong.

  6. 10:13 Three car lengths away! That's the YOUR responsibility to stay back from the car you're following! Haven't you heard of defensive driving, you ignorant piece of crap?
    Some people are so minimally functional and narcissistic they project their actions on innocent people. Now, I'm not saying the guy with the weapon SHOULD have killed him, as no one can say they have a clear head in his position; but people like the camera guy are holding back our species as a whole and should be removed from major interactions with society. If that's not feasible, well, MAYBE they need to be culled for the greater good, as they can't contribute more than they take.

  7. That last clip…ot reflects a lot of what is going on everywhere. People are so angry at EACH other and so quick to hit or scream at someone. It is sickening.

  8. I am South African an the end video really disgust me. mainly cause we are not nearly as bad as that one white guy, but like the guy stated, he knew the road rule and the angry white guy was in the wrong and only making it worse for himself by fighting. Best thing to do is always to record the incident.

  9. las clip let me tell you what to do once you see anyone getting out of they car and they grab some thats when you step on the gas and ran them over or you can get out and beat they ass but with that guy you should of had ran him over

  10. Watching this I keep thinking, “It’s like they want to be in an accident.” So many of these accidents were unnecessary.  Stupid.

  11. тупые ослы на 6:13 на что они надеялись видя машину с пьяным водителем? Надо было попробовать его остановить и ключи от машины выкинуть в лес. Спасли бы ему жизнь, а так он погиб скорей всего.

  12. What's happening in South Africa is not different from what's happening elsewhere. People assaulting others or aggravating others instead of calling the police at the first sign of trouble. The cammer chose to get hit on the face else what was his point in following the man?

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