Truck Driving Fails ? Semi Truck Rollover, Idiot Truck Drivers 2017

Truck Driving Fails ? Semi Truck Rollover, Idiot Truck Drivers 2017
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Truck Driving Fails ? Semi Truck Rollover, Idiot Truck Drivers 2017 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  1. Almost ALL the accidents are a RESULT of BAD road engineering. There is NO "banking" EVEN in sharp curves. It is "INVITING" this kind of crashes. NOT even high speed causes flipping of these trucks IF there is sufficient "banking" of the road. Think about it road engineers, if ANY.

  2. две основные причины; скоростной режим,спим за рулем,потому,что шеф кричит ,быстрее быстрее не спать…

  3. Two questions: Who is supposed to do the initial inspection before taking off? And secondly, who prevents you from calling your boss if the company that loads the truck refuses to let you determine your load? If there's no safety seal on that rear door handle, I'll go and see how they loaded the darn trailer. I'll even use my cell phone to show the boss how they loaded it. From there, he'll take the appropriate measures to see that the weight is parted out equally if needed. And other than in Russia, I've rarely withnessed driving wheel blowouts on U.S. fleets, or losing a tire on the road. With the lug-nuts indicators on each set, we can tell if there's a lugnut out of alignment with the others. Otherwise, if you can't read a road sign telling you the speed limit you have to use at certain areas, you're the only person to blame if centrifugial forces dump the truck sideways.

  4. Thanks to all the helpers in the last one. Without you he could not have spilled the load and fallen over. Strong work. What. Not your fault?

  5. I have never understood why someone would honk their horn at a vehicle that was crashing. Seriously, what good does that do you or the other vehicle, they can't stop from crashing into you or something else after they lose control.

  6. LMAO, I drove for 39 years with no problems but they did chase me out of the industry because I always expected to get paid, the wrecks they can handle.

  7. You begin to annoy me with your press-gang titles … "idiot truck driver": like this everything that happens in the video is the fault of "stupid idiots" truck drivers …. it is true that in East Of Europe they are considered as animals but by us in the West, it is people who go to school to do this job and have a sense of responsibility ….. we already have enough problems at home with the drivers of the East "low cost" who came and who by their behaviors have considerably lowered the level of quality and reputations of the truck drivers …… then, to make some more views on YouTube, stop, If you like, to denigrate a profession that already has enough problems like this ….
    The problem is not the video…just the title
    Thank you in advance: Patrick, Belgian road driver for more than 35 years and who has never had an accident due to irresponsible behavior

    Вы начинаете раздражать меня своими заголовками в прессе … «водитель грузовика-идиота»: так все, что происходит на видео, – это вина «тупых идиотов» водителей грузовиков … это правда, что в Восточной Европе Они считаются животными, но мы на Западе, это люди, которые ходят в школу, чтобы делать эту работу и чувствовать чувство ответственности ….. у нас уже есть достаточно проблем дома С водителями Востока «низкая стоимость «Кто пришел и кто по их поведению значительно снизил уровень качества и репутации водителей грузовиков … Затем, чтобы сделать еще несколько просмотров на YouTube, прекратите, если хотите, очернить профессию, которая уже имеет Таких проблем хватает …
    Проблема не в видео … просто название
    Заранее благодарю вас: Патрик, бельгийский водитель дороги более 35 лет и который никогда не попал в аварию из-за безответственного поведения

  8. This video had two themes my instructor repeated like a mantra; Most accidents in trucking are the result of driving too fast for conditions. Always manage your load so the center of gravity is as low as possible else you WILL roll over.

  9. Good thing they're putting automatics in semis these days so more inexperienced morons can get their CDLs; more youtube material!
    Keep the greasy side down guys.

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