ROAD RAGE & CAR CRASH COMPILATION #438 (July 2016) (with English subtitles)

ROAD RAGE & CAR CRASH COMPILATION #438 (July 2016) (with English subtitles)
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  1. The last one, wtf? Seriously. Getting dragged by bus on his shorts . How is that possible without serious bleeding? Then, the van behind was doing some 15 km/h, just run him over, even lifted the foot off the brakes.

  2. Two observations and a question..1) In Russia, it is okay to make your own lane…But, it can lead to accidents when you try to pull out into traffic from a made up lane, because you often can't see traffic approaching or you try to beat the car in the correct lane from making the turn when appropriate. 2) The man being pulled by the bus…WHY?? He was Iron Man or the true Man if Steel! Gets ran over by a big van, have you, and STILL gets up, moves his arms, and looks like he may have been dragged, but not ran over. Not someone you'd want to get in a fight with. He would be my new best friend!! 3) What was going on in that Red car that just drove into the front of the car with the GoPro? First…no one wearing seat belts…notice passenger's head practically go through the windshield. I would imagine petty good sized lump, stitches, and concussion. But, the dude got out in underwear or hot pants!! Haha!! Notice his trying to cover up…Yeah…a but curious on why that accident happened at all.. I surmise there was quite a distraction.

  3. 1 видео, не понимаю до сих пор, зачем полиция бегает за автомобилем, огонь на поражение или это чей то сынок?

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