DOCS: The Hyena Men

DOCS: The Hyena Men
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It’s said they possess supernatural powers, some believe they are part-hyena – in truth, no one really knows. Set in the thick of the urban chaos of Nigeria, this startling and controversial film explores the wild world of “The Hyena Men” – a street-gang who use a bizarre blend of voodoo and dangerous animals to make a living. The documentary gets beneath the surface of this unique street circus and reveals a way of life steeped in secret ritual, black magic and ancient African tradition. The film examines the clash between the urban and the wild and uncovers the paradoxical relationship that the Hyena Men have with their menagerie of animals; sometimes doting and affectionate, sometimes brutal and cruel.


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  1. We as humans do worse to a nother human like the Israelis an French inglan and the USA around the world destroying nation's and inosente people over oil douse 4 are the evil countries tell this day let this people do there living I'm impressed good work from Querétaro México

  2. all people involved in filming this shoddily done shaky ignorance-filled mocking film need to be put in a bag and beat with a stick. These men aren't gang members, they are just regular young men making a living with their culture. Whoever made this was only trying to demonize them and exploit them for the dollar. Put em in a sack!

  3. We have a circus in the US too. Based out the White House. Biggest Baboon called trump. Hyenas and snakes too, aka the rich and the racist

  4. After reading so many comments people's with their opinions blaming the Nigeria government and the western government for various reasons ….. I think that wasn't the true picture of it …. because the people claim it has been there practices hunting animals more than 200yrs. And the trades is being transferred from generation to generation…. So is not Nigerian government or Western governments but the people's culture.
    We can see raw teaming of animals especially one of the most dangerous one in Africa hyna…. I call them THE HYNA MASTER'S

  5. Before anyone judges these people making a living from they traditions and knowledge, remember the beef you buy in the shop was a cow, the pork was a pig, the poultry was a chicken and there were thousands of them butchered in a raw, for your comfortable life.
    Every single day!

  6. There’s a million different angles to take on this vid but at the end of the day stop saying “the people” should just rise up. Bro like u can’t even get ahold of your best friend from middle school? it’s not that easy

  7. in the wild hyenas wouldn’t eat every day so feeding them every other day good food isn’t bad it’s probably better than what they would eat if they were in the wild

  8. But you don't see and don't think about these people are already aware of the Potions and the poisons we call it anti-venom after a bite in the bond they have is they are both wearing caged together which one do you say first you need them both judging from the already circumstanced heartfelt concern of you know better already laid that judgement down as it is bring both from an Arena and knowing love after it still and that bond still holding true that's what's important

  9. Western this western that. Last time I checked the “westerns” still clubbed seals and seal pups to death for a form of entertainment

  10. Their is no magic in this cruelty what so ever they rip out the teeth of the snake's and beat the animals this is just nonsense and cruel at it's worse . Even the spirits can't stand what the human has done to the world and all it's goodness .it's nearly all gone and yet we keep takeing .the lands were once beautiful and fertile . and this is all we have left to show for it death and destruction .and now we corrupt the most pure of heart ❤️ the animals I pray for a change of biblical proportions .

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