Cute little puppies :)

Cute little puppies :)
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  1. So weird that you lived literally 1 hour away from me when I lived in the U.P.
    I’ve been watching your videos for so long sis, I’m happy you’re in a happy relationship!!!

  2. Omggg this made me mad too. I'm so happy that now u are in a healthy relationship with Keaton. You two look so cute together
    ❤️Love from spain :3

  3. haha omg i feel like I'm kind of seeing that guy rn ??
    Thinks that he's on the top of the world and jealous of every fkn dude around me and we're not even together. He's like i can give you the world, make you happy, buy you anything and I'm like thank you but i can take care of myself boy.

  4. Am I the only one who genuinely thought Sasha didn’t know how to spell sweetie lol I’m so dumb! Haha sash is like a brunette, smart and classy version of tana ??

  5. Whenever you tell story times It feels like I’m talking to you in person. Please keep doing storytimes!!

  6. This, ladies and gentlemen, is a classic example of a narcissist. Initially they will idealize you. Once they've won you over, they will start devaluing you, manipulating you, twisting your words to make you out to be the bad guy. Eventually the discard will follow. Rinse and repeat. If you want to keep your sanity, I suggest not getting involved with them in any way. Protect your mental health

  7. Oh girl. The "needy" comment hit home. I remember saying "i dont think you meant to but you hurt me" during a fight and i got "u done bitching yet? I didnt hurt u u hurt urself"

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