12 Times Humans Rescued Animals, And Got Thanked In The Cutest Way.

12 Times Humans Rescued Animals, And Got Thanked In The Cutest Way.
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Animals in desperate situations are extremely vulnerable, and they rely on the kindness of others to regain their health. Some animals remember these generous acts forever, proving that a little love goes a long way. Here are 12 animals who didn’t forget to thank their humans.
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  1. I remember when my brother-in-law rescued a Bengal lion kitten from poachers. When the kitten became an adult, he showed his love by eating him.

  2. Whew, the dude that saved the baby moose is lucky as hell the Mama wasn't around because she would have stomped him into dust. Those things are responsible for more human deaths than just about anything else…and the dude saving the jaguar is just simply certifiable.

  3. Only animals can return the most pure appreciation that can melt everyone heart ♥
    Love animals means love yourselves.
    Please treat them kindly and share this planet with them means
    Leave the animals sanctuaries alone. Thank you!
    Greeting from Holland.
    Animal lover and vegan who loves natures ?

  4. thats not safe for the little squirrel. ppl could hunt it at any time with something as weak as a bb gun. it could go up to the wrong human just once.

  5. I'm not saying reincarnation exists but imagine if it did–and your heroic actions of saving an animal initiated a bond that lasted lifetimes. Imagine being born and reborn again and again and your souls always finding each other–connected at the spiritual hip for Eternity!

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