Police Driving Fails and Stupid Drivers vs Police

Police Driving Fails and Stupid Drivers vs Police
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Police Driving Fails and Stupid Drivers vs Police – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  1. I don't understand why, in every crash that involves a female, they scream at the top of their lungs. Please stop ladies…. it only makes things worse and no one can concentrate with screeching in their ears. It's very distracting. More often than not, the accident is not that serious, mostly just a fender bender.

  2. OMG Russia has the worst drivers in the world and also like their country looks so out dated like as if it was under Nazi Germany

  3. The fuking problem in your country you got no goddamn rules nobody knows what a fuking flashing light means you guys need to go to school the whole fukking country over there

  4. In Australia the cops are booking drivers for not stopping when the traffic lights turn amber. So to see the police van, at 3:50, rear end 2 cars just as the lights turn red ????. Exactly the reason good drivers don't stop on amber. The amber was invented to warn you ahead of time of the change, I wish they'd bring back amber prior to green also (for the distracted drivers).

  5. That arrogant bitch with the whole that cops in the wrong. He had lights and sirens on, the red car should have waited like the cop was. What if they were responding to one of your family or you aye?

  6. Nobody ain't seen the way they drive in my area you can't even cross some of the intersections walking nothing but crazy drivers you don't know if you get hit all the either way

  7. I used to drive a fire truck. Pumper truck. Nobody pays attention attention to our lights and sirens. To busy in their own little world and their damn cell phones! They should think about that when we're a few minutes late and can't save their loved ones or their house!

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