Severely neglected dog finds his happy ending

Severely neglected dog finds his happy ending
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Watch as an unwanted stray dog get his chance at a happy life rescued by AMA Animal Rescue. Angels for Mistreated Animals (AMA) is a foster-based animal rescue organization founded in Brooklyn. After obtaining a New York State 501(c)3 status in 2014, the organization’s mission has always been to safeguard animals who have experienced the most severe cases of abuse, neglect and abandonment. Since its inception, team AMA has saved countless sick, injured and abused pet companions from near death, domestically and abroad. The organizations long term goal is to open a true no-kill animal sanctuary with high quality, in-house veterinary services as well as clean, spacious enclosures and outdoor space. Through efficient operations, adequate awareness and public support, AMA continues to create loving futures and erase painful pasts.


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  1. My head knows how important fostering is. But my heart breaks when the dog loses the home and person it bonded with and mourns for them. So glad Simba didn't have to go through that.

  2. I love this story. But come on! After everything he’s been through you cut his balls off. Would you do that to a human??? Barbaric

  3. Lucky simba ??thank you for the responsible man who had a big heart for giving a new life for the loving puppy ? ❤️

  4. It was fate that these 2 beings found each other. A big thank you to this man….Simba hopefully will have a wonderful life and forget his horrid past.

  5. What a precious little tyke; he looks almost exactly like a sweet little rescued cockapoo that I had for many years. Of course no one could foster him and not keep him!

  6. Thank God there are still some wonderful people in this world that are compassionate thank you for taking this beautiful doggie and loving it

  7. Beautiful little Simba. He is so precious and beautiful. He never should have suffered. Thank God for his new Daddy. You are a great man and you both will be a happy family.

  8. wonderful job you guys do !!!    please do not take this the wrong way BUT when you put the writing on screen use BLACK letters because it is next to impossible to read white on white !!!!!!!

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