Animal Fighting, Wild Horses VS People, & MORE – Raleigh Reacts

Animal Fighting, Wild Horses VS People, & MORE - Raleigh Reacts
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  1. When on eof our donkeys were born and our horse got teriitorial we moved it then slowly introduced them like its really not that hard people.

  2. I would never put sheep and horses together. I was in 4-h growing up and we showed sheep. We also had horses or a horse year after year doing sheep. Every time we would take the sheep out to walk and everything else, we had to block the horse(s) off cause it or they would literally try and charge our sheep and bite them, etc. Idk why they would do this, but yeah i wouldn't put sheep and horses together in the first place. and if i were there i'd slap the horses face or something to make it drop the sheep and run away and then slap the person holding the camera.

  3. This is just disgusting behavior its not right in any way to let an animal who has issues with another animal in the same place or not do anything to break it up. The horse should be taken care of and put in a separate place and should be tamed proply to be able to socialise with other animals if you have other animals on a farm or anythig. These people need to be jailed for the animal cruelty if it was a dog or a cat it would be a different storyline

  4. Even though I know barely anything about horses I still know how to put a halter on as my aunt has horses that lady should have found out more about the horse before buying it if she did buy it I cant remember I love your vids btw

  5. This sheep had to have been killed. My aunts horses killed a piglet once. They were yellin trying to get them off but one horse named penny grabbed it and ran away and dropped it the other horses ended up trampling it. They tried but couldn’t

  6. The video of the sheep getting basicaly killed:
    Ok, i’ve lm only 12 dont judge me, i have lived half of my life on a sheep farm and allready from the start of this video i knew this mat have happened before an that the sheep did die. How i know this has happened before, the sheep where Rønning like crazy, you see sheep have natural ennemies and when they see these natural ennemies getting close to one «cru member» they go crazy.

    If i was there i couldnt do anything else then get a hose and douse the horse in water. This is animal abuse and some people say omg horses and humans grow so strong bonds dogs too and cats, well fuck you i have fostered lams my whole life and the feeling you get when they get sendt to the slaughter is down tearing an horrible but i still do it. The ones we have kept are like my best friends and they understand me like Im their familymember. Sheep and all other animals have feeling too.

  7. Also on the horse with the sheep you can see saddle marks witch means that he isn't that dangerous because she was able to ride him so she could have stepped in to help

  8. Geez, its like Tik tok, because NO ONE knows animal abuse. As someone who knows what it is, animal abuse is letting animals be aggressive and kill other animals, neglect and abuse the animal to the point the animal doesn't trust people. Also dog fighting, really any animal fighting. They're training the animal to be aggressive, and hate animals and humans.
    Edit: by the way, my two adult cats hate eachother. They fight sometimes, other times they can be chill and will start shit with eachother. We NEVER let them fight it out. If we're not home we can't do anything. We always separate them, and we usually make one leave the other alone. Especially if they're trying to fight eachother.

  9. 13:39
    I’m not going to comment on the sheep video because what needs to be said has been said.

    She should DEFINITELY be wearing a helmet because if she were to fall when she was upside down onto the road in an accident she would definitely have died, the horse was galloping too and so could have accidentally hit her in the face with his hooves. I have nothing against trick riding (having taken part in it professionally myself when I was 10) but you need to be careful because shit can go wrong really fast.

  10. Lol I just want to say I 10000000% agree with Raleigh and I am also talking about myself here but a lot of people find that video disgusting or like unacceptable but almost every one who thinks that still eats meat and stuff and again I'm also talking about myself cuz I also eat meat but if u think this is disgusting, that's exactly what happens with the steak that was on ur plate yesterday

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