"Choose Me" – Songs to Save Animals

"Choose Me" - Songs to Save Animals
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“CHOOSE ME” is the best song ever written about pet adoption. It’s is one of 9 great pet-inspired songs in the Songs to Save Animals campaign. You can hear all the songs at http://songs4acause.org/animal-welfare. Nonprofits can join the campaign and use these wonderful pet-inspired songs to inspire support for their organization. Please do more than just ‘LIKE’ this video – buy a download or two!


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  1. Fuck humanity, all because of you these dogs and other animals are suffering. Wish our sorry ass government would do something about this. This world is better without us

  2. At my country if a dog wont find a owner in 2 weeks then he will get enthonized… and when i heard that I stary crying and yea im always crying when im waching this.

  3. this made me cry so much. this is such a beautiful song. if people wanted to truly help dog then they would not euthanize them. save them and not put the down

  4. Me and my wife are participating in a benefit for two local shelters, trying to find exactly what we will be doing for the show. This song is on the list (as long as we don’t cry while singing it).

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  6. Trying not to cry, haha… that’s exactly why I named one of my Dog’s Lucky because he wondered over to my families house. He had a big wound on his neck and we suspected that he got stabbed so we took care of him and kept him. I’ve had him for going on 2 years now 🙂

  7. heres a story about my dog.
    my dog was a stray. but rescuers
    saved him. they brought him to
    a shelter. and then one day are mom
    surprised me and my brother by sayin
    that he was going to be part of the family.
    then we went to the shelter to get him. his
    name was Barley. but we changed the name
    to Wrigley.
    oh by the way my picture is Wrigley.

  8. I worked at the humane society for 4 years before getting a job at Banfield Pet Hospital. I love this song. I love helping pets. I'm always so happy to see pets get adopted or brought in for the best care they can get. I love seeing caring owners who make me love my job even more.

  9. Nooooo NOOOO NOOOOOOOO when I see this kind of commercial on tv I cry my eyes out and then a commercial about kids who are sad and need help and I don't even shed a tear!

  10. my late cat (who i called my Baby Girl) was a shelter cat. she lived until her 17th birthday, and passed onto the Rainbow Bridge in her sleep. she chose ME at 3 months old, and filled my life with love, laughter, and joy. I only wish…more people adopted pets instead of going to breeders.

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