100+ Animals Rescued from Puppy Mill and Cruelty Situation

100+ Animals Rescued from Puppy Mill and Cruelty Situation
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Approximately 40 dogs and more than 75 other animals were rescued from a Gates County, N.C., property after local law enforcement became concerned about this facility when a consumer filed a complaint regarding an emaciated horse. The Humane Society of the United States, SPCA of Wake County and SPCA of Northeastern North Carolina were called in by Gates County Sheriff’s Office to assist in the rescue and removal of the animals.


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  1. I have five pugs a 2 french hull dog but i can take them all my family love pugs and bull dog so if you can tell me where to find them i can come

  2. A YouTube channel said something that l always tell my self when l thing about abuse dogs l don’t know if it’s this channel but it was there is no bad dog there’s only a bad owner

  3. I have a Boston Terrier named BoBo, he's my world and I would die for him, seeing that Boston eating feces hurt my heart really bad, I hope he and the other dogs find a happy home

  4. After such horrific treatment they still come to humans with trust. What did we do to deserve animals in our lives!!!. A question I'm yet to get an answer for.

  5. This was made in 2013. It is now 2019. Laws are changing. I urge everyone to get behind not only animal rescue and rehoming of these dear creatures – but in pushing for states to enact laws: no more dog mills, no more dog fighting. And JAIL TIME and HEAVY FINES for people that do this kind of thing. Period. No exceptions…

  6. I cannot fit the life of me understand how anyone can thumbs down videos like this? What the heck is wrong with these people?!

  7. It's soo upsetting to see how many great people try to fix what politicians neglect to do. If the law changes and supports animals more then the governments won't have to spend so much money and time on animal abuse cases. Just imagine that. I know all animal abuse won't go away but if we had the same kind of law about childeren or humans we would see more abuse and murder cases in society. The law here to protect and forbid.

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