Coto Makassar (Beef Organs Soup) – Delicious Indonesian Street Food in Jakarta, Indonesia

Coto Makassar (Beef Organs Soup) - Delicious Indonesian Street Food in Jakarta, Indonesia
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Coto Makassar is an Indonesian soup made with beef and beef organs, which is originally from Makassar in Southern Sulawesi, Indonesia.

When I was in Jakarta, I decided to go to a restaurant, more like a covered street food stalls, called Coto Makassar Senen for my first try of this dish. The coto was served in small bowls, packed full of all sorts of organs like intestines, trip, and lungs. What I liked about the soup is that it had a nutty and sour taste, and it wasn’t salty at all – so it was up to you to add in your own salt to your preference.

Along with the Coto Makassar, there was also a big plate of ketupat, which are rice cakes, on the table ready to be eaten along with the soup. You can either eat them on their own, or you can break them up and add them to the soup and eat it altogether. Both Ying and I liked the Coto Makassar so well, that we each had two bowls.

Coto Makassar Senen
Address: Jalan Kramat Raya, Senen, Jakarta
Prices: 25,000 IDR ($1.89 USD) per bowl of coto

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  1. Ketupat is rice grains steamed/cooked in a pouch woven palm leaf …….there is also Lontong ,which is rice steamed/cooked in a banana leaf package ………both giving the rice a unique taste……..

  2. Make me hungry ?,, the city of Jakarta, you can find some food from other city in Indonesian,, jakarta is very helpfull when you hungry ?

  3. coto makassar. one of my fav food. soooo beefy. put lime, sweet soya sauce and that sambal that u put on the rice cake. crazy crazy good.

  4. And so you can visit to tangerang. Cuz that city have the famous curry with rice noodles. It's called laksa tangerang. Laksa tangerang is curry with the spices, kucai leaves and also the fermented beans too. Especialy with the chicken or boiled eggs. It's totally amazing to come into tangerang with that food bruv

  5. You should have travel to Makassar instead of eating Coto in Jakarta.. the coto in Jakarta is truly inferior to their original counterpart. And next time you should have put a bit of that sweet soy sauce and chili into the Coto.

  6. Indonesian cuisine just love peanut ingredients, and of course, coconut as well. Almost entire indonesian authentic food made from it.

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