International Animal Rescue's Orphan Baby Orangutans

International Animal Rescue's Orphan Baby Orangutans
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In 2015 fires ravaged Indonesian Borneo, the most devastating human-caused fires in our planet’s history. Home of the critically endangered Bornean Orangutan – the fires are gone but the crisis never died. Leaving behind displaced, traumatized baby orangutans – who depend on their mothers longer than any other land mammal. Beyond the trauma of watching their mother die, they must learn survival skills without her. International Animal Rescue (IAR) works tirelessly to fill this gap.

“For some of them it’s still a long way of rehabilitation, it’s gonna be years”, says Karmele Llano Sanchez Program Director Yayasan IAR Indonesia.

Dedicated staff teach babies how to climb, how to make nests, how to forage, what to eat and how to be independent.

“So this is a long-term commitment, a difficult task involving a lot of people, a lot of funding, a lot of resources, a lot of… everything”, says Llano Sanchez.

Orphans may spend a decade or more here before any hope of safe release back to the wild. Since 2015 Yayasan International Animal Rescue has saved more than 80 orphan orangutans from fires, deforestation and the illegal pet trade.

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  1. Kenapa masih banyak induk orang utan yg dibunuh?
    Apakah pengawasan dipintu- pintu masuk ke hutan sangat longgar?
    Apakah kalau pemburu liar itu tertangkap diberikan sangsi yg membuat mereka jera?

  2. Taking care of these babies and the older ones is very expensive. At this season of giving, each of us should donate $10 and that will go a long way in providing milk, food, veterinary care and Medicine, caregivers, and fuel for Jeeps and boats that rescue and return the older ones when they're rehabilitated. Please ,now is the time for us to be there with a few dollars that we will never miss, since we can't be there ourselves to do the work and to give the physical loving and care. Please give as I have done now. Thanks from this orangutan long-distance USA mom to all of you.

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