Chengdu, What to do? You MUST visit Wenshuyuan Temple! | Epic Buddhist Temple

Chengdu, What to do? You MUST visit Wenshuyuan Temple! | Epic Buddhist Temple
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In Chengdu, there is one Buddhist temple you must to see, the Wenshuyuan temple. It is full of ancient 1400 year old towers, halls, pagodas, and temples, just waiting to be explored.
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Wenshuyuan temple is a great place to spend the afternoon exploring. There are so many different temples to explore and walk through, along with a huge park that you can walk through enjoying the fresh air.

Getting here is super easy. Just get off at Wenshuyuan 文殊院 station on subway line 1 in Chengdu, and take exit K. Go left and walk until you reach the temple, you can’t miss it.

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  1. you are such a great food and travel lover i have recently watched an episode of you and felt too good and watched all your other series i really liked your Indian travel

  2. Trevor. .
    ua such inspirational person my brother. .
    I would like to go for a tour like u do. .
    Food food food. . owww yummmyyy ?

  3. How about adding subtitle while you speak in English. Non English viewer will appreciate… 🙂 I became translator when my wife join me to your amazing show.

  4. I love your travel series highlighting all the different places to go and see in Chengdu! If you don't mind I have a couple of technical questions to ask regarding the production:
    First, what is your audio solution? Are you using wireless lavalier mics on you (the host) and your interview guests, or are you using on-board audio, or a shotgun mic? Second, do you use one sound source exclusively, or do you use a combination of multiple sources? Thanks!

  5. The temple is so full of life, I love it. The monk looks so happy and at peace. 🙂 The park and the food street would be the places I'd be most interested in, probably 😉

  6. What a happy monk! Up the buddhists!! Really impressed with your videos, how professional, the look and editing, topics etc. Well done and keep up the good work.

  7. Another great video, very nice of the monk to show you around and give you some background. Your videos really capture different and unique things about the Chinese culture. Keep it up! hits like button 

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