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  1. 1. Why do you reply for someting i send one year ago?
    2. Its the place women belong?
    3. Lol'd when you answerd a 1 year old comment

  2. what's with the interrogation? Yes, it is in Greece, there are numerous videos of it on YouTube. I'm saying that she was a woman driver, because she WAS A WOMAN DRIVER. Plus she's a dumb bitch as well because after the incident, she was in the wrong and she got out of the car and started arguing. And no, I still haven't seen a man drive carelessly. I saw a woman driving and putting lipstick on, she swerved and she made me drop my sandwich, my coffee, my newspaper and my cigarette.

  3. Is it really from Greece? And how do you know it was a "woman driver"? Was this on the news and it said so. And even if it's true, so what if the driver was a woman? The same thing could easily happen with men drivers.

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