Bad Driving Skills – April 2018 Daily Show #758

Bad Driving Skills - April 2018 Daily Show #758
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Bad Driving Skills – April 2018 Daily Show #758 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. 3:29 пиздец одноклеточные высерки, загородили ему обзор и еще пиздят че-то. Блядь сколько же даунов за рулем, я хуею просто…

  2. The thugs beating up that guy in front of the child and then knocking over the child should all be hanged with piano wire and fed to the birds.

  3. Пидора в зеленой футболке и его блядину с дружком окунуть в кислоту ебалом.

  4. Welp… a drunk loudmouth is being assaulted by a manic lowlife and his lobotomized minion, the female shell casually trying to get a better look of how they look, these all too familiar punches, landing on a different face for once.

    On the bright side, the collateral kid is already taking elbows to the head like a champ! I mean, guys, boys to men, right, guys?

  5. Russian a stupid nation, see the last clip.the big stupid daddy walk from left to right and from right to left and the stupid family follow him.

  6. Out of country people are on a killing rampage on the all roads everywhere in the world so becareful please????!!!!!

    Put that fk'ing cell phone down!!!! Camera cars over there are worse bc they just keep driving into it. WTH!!!!! SLOW THE HELL DOWN AND LEARN HOW TO DRIVE ALREADY!!!!! Just keeping it real and true!!!

  7. at 9:45 the fucking scumbag lowlife that let his child run off and stand behind the fight, only to finally run over after his kid, but pays no attention to his kid, instead, like a brainless chimp, gets involved with the fight, while his own child, which he is paying no attention to, gets punched and knocked down and he doesn't even notice… What a fucking garbage human being.

  8. Don’t come on over~ she was gonna brain him! ~ bashing on the run~ BALLONS~ we all crash~ tag, you are IT~ watch out for that poll~ hulk smash! ~ I’m tire, hello~ fight!~ WOW beat down… what happened to the other intro? Still no matter. BEST VIDEOS ever!

  9. It never ceases to amaze me how many people will pull out or turn when they can't see if the way is clear, just to get nailed by an oncoming car. Don't they think about that?

  10. В конце опять шайка каких то гнид ебаных.Ещё и своего же ребёнка пиздят видимо.Всё как обычно.Россия,щедрые долбоёбы

  11. конченые быдланы. противно осознавать, что тебя окружают такие идиоты.

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