Jewish Iraqi Food – AMAZING Eating Tour of Ramla Market!

Jewish Iraqi Food - AMAZING Eating Tour of Ramla Market!
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Among food lovers, Ramla Market is one of the best known places to eat. It’s located about a 30 minute drive from the center of Tel Aviv, and along with my friend David, we headed there one morning to go on an amazing food tour.

Ramla Market is especially known for its variety of Turkish and Iraqi food influences, and it’s just an amazing food market.

Halil Restaurant – The first place we stopped in Ramla is Halil, another legendary hummus restaurant. But even better than their hummus for me, I loved their musabaha, raw tahini with whole chickpeas. Total price – 60 ILS ($16.76)

Prickly pear – Oddly, prickly pear which is originally from SW United States is very popular across Israel. The fruit vendor peeled me a prickly pear, which is full of seeds, but pretty good.

Turkish burekas – One of the popular street food snacks at Ramla Market is Turkish burekas, a snack that’s also common throughout the Balkans. They were really amazingly good, a perfect salty cheesy snack. Price – 5 ILS ($1.40) per piece

Naji Iraqi Restaurant – This is one of the highlights of the market for me, a family run Iraqi Jewish food restaurant. David explained to me that Iraqi Jewish food is so hard to find at restaurants because most people only make the dishes at home. There were definitely some dishes that I had never tried before, and it was an amazing meal. Total price – 200 ILS ($55.88)

Again, big thank you to David, go check out his amazing food adventures:

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  1. Thanks Mark. You're just one of those few influencers able to remove boundaries and branding to each nation, culture and race. Kudos. Big salute from Philippines.

  2. The Iraqi Ashkenazi cuisine I notice has lots of tomato based spiced sauces. Very nice foods that go well with bread and rice. I will try some of their recipes soon. Enjoy foods my friends!

  3. WTF Thes is not iraq pro thes is israel و احنة منتشرف انو واحد أسرايلي يسوي مثل اكلنة و حذروهم لئن راح يكون بينة ثارات و راح ناخذهة ثار الجنود العراقيين الي كتلوهم ب أسرايل

  4. what the hell that prickly pear should be a very deep red / purple color not orange like that. I probably tasted disgusting.

  5. بصراحه اني عراقيه وبحياتي مشفت هذا الاكل غير فقط الكباب ..شنو هذا الاحمر
    في اكل اطيب بكثير وين الدولمه والمسكوف والبرياني

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