Delicious Chili Squid at Whampoa Food Market

Delicious Chili Squid at Whampoa Food Market
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Whampoa Drive is another well known market and hawker centre food court in Singapore. Some of the market is only open in the morning for breakfast, but another part is open and popular for lunch. I actually went to Whampoa to search out a very famous hawker food stall called Ah Hock that serves fried oyster omelets… but unfortunately, even after trying to eat there a number of times, it remained closed.

Sor for lunch I decided to eat at Rabiah Muslim Food stall which specializes in serving Halal Nasi Melayu, or a mix of different Malay style dishes. Along with having an assortment of wonderful looking dishes, one of the most popular items on their display was sambal sotong or chili squid. The line for Rabiah Muslim Food stall stretched across the food court, so I knew it was a place I wanted to eat. When I got to the front of the line, I ordered the chili squid, asam fish curry, and finally some ikan bilis, fried anchovies and peanuts, plus some extra sambal on the side. the plate of food looked incredible.

When I think about a beautiful plate of food, this is exactly what I would imagine. The colors, the sauces, and chilies, everything added up to create a truly picturesque plate of food. Everything was good, but the sambal sotong was the best.

Rabiah Muslim Food – Nasi Melayu
Whampoa Drive Food Centre and Market
90 Whampoa Dr, Singapore 320090


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  1. Just a note for visitors – I think that the stall might only be open for lunch/afternoon service. I went to Whampoa last month (after watching this video!) and at 7pm, it was about to close. I did have some nice Nasi Lemak at stall #01-24 (Hi Leskmi) though – look out for the long queue!

  2. squid must not be cooked for more than 5 mins over a hot flame, afterwards it will become rubbery and chewy – sounds like it was longer than that, still looks very appetising

  3. Yeah, presentation is not high on the list when considering singapore's hawker food. It's just a load of food on a plate, go at it.

  4. Went to try the chili squid and chicken drum stick from this stall this afternoon. For taste I give it a 1 out of 10. The portions are bigger than other similar stalls in Singapore but be prepared to pay more. My plate with the squid+chicken + egg and veg was S$11.70 . Yesterday at Geylang East market I ate a plate of rice with squid+mutton+ 2 veg for only S$6.00 and it taste great.

  5. Hi Mark, the oyster omelette stall at Whampoa Market had closed down many months ago. Just to let you know. My family also loves it very much

  6. I dunno why I love your reaction..
    All your reaction video when that food is good become at " atmosphere space "
    Slowwwww motion heheheh

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