$1 Coffee VS $1000 Weasel Poop Coffee – Da Lat, Vietnam

$1 Coffee VS $1000 Weasel Poop Coffee - Da Lat, Vietnam
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Restaurant name : Milano Cafe
Foodname: Vietnamese traditional coffee
Price: 13.000VND
Address: 12 Phạm Ngũ Lão street, Dalat city
Operation Hours: 06:00AM – 10:00PM

Restaurant name : Là Việt cafe
Foodname: Vietnamese and American coffee
Price: 25.000VND
Address: 200 Nguyễn Công Trứ street, Dalat city
Operation Hours: 08:30AM – 10:00PM

Restaurant name : Cafe Chồn Trại Hầm
Foodname: Weasel poop coffee
Price: 200.000VND/cup
Address: 135E Hoàng Hoa Thám street, Dalat city
Operation Hours: 7:30AM – 05:00PM

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  1. Luwak(Civet cat) coffee is cruel. The wild animal is caged and fed only coffee berries, as opposed to its normal diet of a wide variety of foods.The Civet eventually dies of poor nutrition and replaced by another captive animal. Coffee is good enough, no need to kill an animal to taste a mild coffee that is not really that different. Save your money, save an animal. The producers will not show visitors the dead civets.

  2. i like coffee but i don't think I would drink a cup with partially digested beans from a Civet.I think I will wait until some scientist figures out how to add synthetic enzymes to the beans and ferment it that way instead. Else, I will have to stick to what I drink now.

  3. I have paid $10 dollars for coffee in the States and trust me it came with a coffee tumbler . It was DD and i felt poor ass after i finished my coffee bc the coffee was 3 dollars . lol

  4. I don't think Vietnam is the source of "Luwak Coffee". The civet cat, called "luwak" is a word for the species in Indonesia or maybe Melayu language. When the Dutch Colonized Indonesia (formerly East Indiche), they brought along the coffee plant (not native to Indonesia) & they forced the population to plant coffee, but restricted indegenous people from consuming coffee. So the indegenous people grew curious to coffee but still afraid of punishment from the Dutch if they consumed it. Then, the plant worker realized that "luwak" is eating coffee berries yet it can't digest the bean. The workers then started to collect this pooped coffee bean, clean it, roasted it, and process it like coffee we knew today. Turn out, it's the best coffee since the wild "luwak" only eat the best coffee beans with the right ripeness level.

  5. I'm going to drink a bunch of that coffee and sell my pee super expensive saying it will make your tea or coffee taste better and smooth i bet stupid people who buy that expensive coffee would make me rich too

  6. 1:45 ., what the difference chôn and luwak., did luwak coffee is imported or did they just make their own version but still using “luwak” product name?
    Actually “luwak” is local language from java indonesia where luwak coffee originally come from and famous in bali., luwak is the name of those animal and it’s native indonesia animal which mean you can’t find that animal outside of the country unless you breed it in the other country.,
    But i think the world lost the essential of luwak coffee, also overpriced, it’s not just simple like that when animal eat coffee then pooping it and you call it luwak coffee, no..,
    Luwak originally about esthetic, that’s what make it special., luwak so picky about their food, they will choose the best of the best coffee bean and not gonna pooping it until they find the new food which is rare to find, while in captivity, their food is unlimited, even their metabolism still processing it, they just poop it immature to get the new food., they only eat what human serve to them, no choice., the best and original luwak coffee when you find it in the forest, not in the captivity, there’s a lot of step before it ready to consume, 1kg original luwak need 2month in process, while in captivity only need a few hours make it ready to serve and they sell it with the same price ??
    In indonesia, luwak from captivity almost worthless, no one gonna buy that, only foreigner interested about that while native indonesian know which one is “original luwak coffee” and which one is “ordinary poop coffee”.,

    I’m sad looking all over the world exaggerating for something that not different with ordinary poop, and make the original one be forgotten and lost the essential just to get a faster money

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