Chicken Roast With Coca-Cola || Yummy Chicken Recipe By My Granny

Chicken Roast With Coca-Cola || Yummy Chicken Recipe By My Granny
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Roasted Chicken With Coca Cola || Yummy Chicken Recipe By My Granny


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  1. Such a beautiful granny, and a lovely recipe too! BTW, using coke as a meat tenderizer is an actual cooking technique.. And for those who criticised her for using coke in a village food recipe, everyone has their own techniques which they have tried, tested and adapted over the years. Just because granny is more than 100 years old does not mean that her cooking style must be as old.. And it seems disrespectful to be trying to dictate how she must cook her dish after coming to her channel to learn her recipes!

  2. I love her recieps..Wish you much longer life granny. Teach us how to cook and avoid mcdonalds. Not only that but also uniting the family. I am inspired.?? Much love❤❤❤❤?

  3. I placed the grinding Stone over the chicken.. The kadai toppled over burning me and the fire roasted the whole building.. We all sat outside and had the remaining chicken.

  4. I don’t know why yall just bashing them for letting her cook she obviously enjoyed being the star of the show.. and feeding her children… what would she rather do in the rest of her life then to have her loved ones around her.. she is wise and would absolutely not do something she would enjoy and no one could force her otherwise… GEEZE

  5. Salute to you granny you have prooved the old saying that “age is just a number “ India ?? has many unsung genius like you proud of you.

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