Trees vs Cars – Trees falling on Cars compilation

Trees vs Cars - Trees falling on Cars compilation
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Trees vs Cars – Trees falling on Cars compilation – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. "To carry a chainsaw in your car if that ever happens (a tree falling down – near and or around your car); the, ozone – ages of trees, their easily to be falling down intentions with windy conditions – it being 2019, some of these trees out there today… are, just ready for a falling; plus, in these particular videos… some of them – look to fall down in droves together".

  2. "Call yourself before you dig – testing areas of planting; if, a spacious area is being used… what to plant in different locations, is important; a possibility… that, not all the items of inventory or possible purchase for landscape jobs will suffice in all soils and earth patterns / consistencies of planting for any to all landscape jobs = how, jobs and work orders change and those differences / troubleshooting scenarios, (overstock) etc.".

  3. 4:25 Wow… That guy must be dead, but then again if im not mistaken cars in Russia are driven in the right side, so maybe, juuust maybe he has a slim chance of surviving??

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