Bad Drivers: Fails of the Week #820 (July 2018) | CCTube

Bad Drivers: Fails of the Week #820 (July 2018) | CCTube
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Bad Drivers: Fails of the Week #820 (July 2018) | CCTube – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. у азиатов 2 основные проблемы, первое узкие глаза, ибо нихуя не видят, и вторая короткие ноги, патому что они в пол вообще не тормозят, не дотягиваются походу

  2. Две недели делал рекламную вставку? Потому нам старье впариваешь?

  3. @1:07 I hope the camera footage was given to law enforcement, because that white truck did not have to push into the car! The white truck driver needs a reckless driver citation and the insurance will need to pay the costs of the car, any injury to car passengers, and the other truck's damage!

  4. It still stuns me the amount of people that witness an accident, and do not stop to help. Shame on you!

  5. These ppl, have serious,
    Blinders on!!
    They Can't see at all!
    Here's the thing, unless, you can go back in time and drive that piece of land, before it was as a road, then,
    you can't be first.
    Get over it, and live a more peace filled life!

  6. We're you the one with the yelling and"drumming" intro like raging enemies attacking another city in the old days?

    If so, i'm glad it's gone. If not I will keep staring at the channel that did ?

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