BABY BADGERS UP CLOSE at Secret World Animal Rescue

BABY BADGERS UP CLOSE at Secret World Animal Rescue
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FOR BADGER WEEK 2017 Anneka gets to hand feed some orphaned baby badgers down at Secret World Rescue in Somerset and find out why they are there.

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  1. According to these dimwits they always shift the blame to cattle. There's more badger's nowadays due to far too much protection and these animal-rights crusaders are totally blinkered in their obsession with badger's.In other sensible European countries they employ a sensible control program, the results? No outbreaks of Tb. Landowners should be allowed to control such varmints upon their land as they are everywhere. Digging up peoples graves, damage to canal banks ,uprooting everything within their way. The likes of these utter (buffoons) i.e Brian May, Bill Oddie and especially the rather repugnant fraudster, namely Chris Packham think all creatures can live in harmony. "Nature doesn't, and never has worked like that. "The way these lunatics think, is, it is ok for our beautiful cattle to suffer but not an oversized repulsive badger. "At least the tory government had the backbone to carry out a badger cull. "What about hedgehogs that have suffered due to badger's? What about the endangered ground nesting birds?But no, a badger can do no wrong! "The tide is turning, and definitely for the better!" No, I don't want to see badger's wipe out, however, they need controlling. But the animal fanatics think they self regulate their numbers of which that is totally false….

  2. With all these extra houses that are being built and more roads and these industrial sites popping up every where there’s no room in England anymore for wildlife it will always be at the bottom of the list our countryside is being sacrificed for all these immigrants adding more pressure I hope the sacrifice is worth it in the end

  3. The only reason our ancestors came to live in Britain, a miserable, cold, dingy little island, was to farm and get away from European neighbours. This explains why the English are 1) so keen on hunting and exterminating little animals and 2) xenophobic and anti-European

  4. in my town Badgers are surprisingly common in urban areas like Foxes, Went out a couple weeks ago at night and saw one, Need to go out more at night to see more, Tons of setts around here.

  5. I love badgers so much! I have been lucky enough to come across them at night and once went with a ranger to watch a set at twilight (at a great distance!).
    My friend once told me she often camps in the Canadian wilderness. When I asked if she was not afraid of bears she said "What about camping in the UK with all those badgers!". I had to laugh but it was hard to persuade her that badgers weren't really in the same league as bears ?

  6. Those guys are incredibly cute. It's quite sad though that governments throughout the world allow, and even encourage, the killing of wild animals when their numbers exceed what they perceive to be appropriate for ecological balance. It happens everywhere with all kinds of wild species. I wonder what animals would say to us if only they could speak.

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