Adorable Puppies Running For Dinner Time-lapse – Puppy Love

Adorable Puppies Running For Dinner Time-lapse - Puppy Love
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These pups keep getting bigger but their habits never change.

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  1. Damn.
    I hate seeing videos like this.
    Knowing how bad hardwood floors are to big dog joints.
    Yeah. Looks fun to people.
    Just like that receiver on the OTHER Team,.. That just had his head taken off by your teams Safety.
    …jus sayin…

  2. My puppy loves your videos every time she's barking outside and I don't want her to then I turned on your YouTube videos and she come straight to the door and she loves them so much she watches them all the time

  3. I prefer to get my dogs when they are puppies. That way I can teach them myself and I know what THEY know and I KNOW them. When teaching a puppy OR training it as a lot of people call it. I ALWAYS start when ALL they want to do is sleep. Puppies will learn ANYTHING as long as they can just go back to sleep. My 2nd one learned ALL the basics including being housebroken in 3 weeks. Because I started when all he wanted to do was sleep. I don't regret starting that early either.

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