? What's wrong with these Drivers? Bad Driving Skills #851

? What's wrong with these Drivers? Bad Driving Skills #851
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What’s wrong with these Drivers? Bad Driving Skills #851- Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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Drivers of Los Angeles

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  1. Ok 8:32 I get beeping at the guy, totally deserved, but why stay on the horn like a douche when he's stuck behind someone else who's not moving. Just extra noise ffs.

  2. 2:30 If that song was truly playing in that vehicle, and not just added to the clip, it was epically timed with the accident!

  3. 1:48 – he clearly ignores the road signs and drives over the part where you're not suppose to drive on .. and then he rams the other car like he got on his way? .. what a moron! That left lane was for others to turn in, he was lucky nobody turned at the moment, he would have had double accident. This is why you have to use a fence, because signs have 0 effect on morons like that one. You can put 1000 signs, if there's no visible obstacle, idiots just ignore signs and drive over them and still cause accidents.

  4. Hey i wanna to say that the Grammatic in title not as correct is
    I think it actually have to mean "those drivers"
    But im not Sure…
    But again, good Video! ;D

  5. What I find the most amazing is how so many of these are from the perspective of the person who causes the accident. Who has the wherewithal to buy a dashcam if they're going to be a shitty driver anyway? "oh I better get myself on video causing that accident." -thatguy

  6. To the red sedan in LA. One should not enter an intersection to turn UNTIL they can turn safely. Sitting at a yellow light in the middle of an intersection (even though most people do) is illegal in all 50 states.

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