Rupchanda Fish Curry & Eggplant Fry With Rice | Lunch In Digha Roadside Hotel | Indian Street Food

Rupchanda Fish Curry & Eggplant Fry With Rice | Lunch In Digha Roadside Hotel | Indian Street Food
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Rupchanda Fish Curry & Eggplant Fry With Rice | Lunch In Digha Roadside Hotel | Indian Street Food.

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  1. India very easy to do business buy a cart get stones for making oven frying pans
    Take a roadside few chaairi no need to pay tax rent electric water gas. Get woods for fire catch fish from Ganga or any near by river full with shit filth & there it is???????

  2. these are not rupchanda… these fishes are called piranha… in the subcontinent sellers sell it to the customers saying piranha bcoz rupchanda is very costly in this region and they try to get much profit by selling these piranhas as rupchandas

  3. The area is not clean and hygenic, how can they sit and eat the food. The eggplants not washed well. The serving lady and the other man is not taking any holder to serve the curry' They serving it almost their bare hands totally unhealthy…

  4. All the geniuses complaining about fish on floor might not have visited fish market in any country as catch from ocean is often placed on floor space. Furthermore the place where the lady is cutting the meat is purpose built for cutting and cleaning meat.
    The meat is cleaned and then cooked at high heat. Unlike the process of making tomato ketchup and wines in Europe where native people stomp the tomatoes and grapes respectively using naked feat. And there is much information on internet how hygienic the native Europians are…
    Furthermore, to all those calling it diarrhea, shit etc …rich Western people literally drink shit as coffee… Ever heard of kopi luwac ?

  5. 1st time I have seen someone is eating a mountain of rice with two pieces of fish. Otherwise Bengalis eat a full plate of rice with only one piece of fish. This cooking pots and surface? no way.

  6. wow! first time ive seen someone able to eat while somebody elses elbow is infront of his chest, i dont even think i cant do it myself, it feels so awkward

  7. This is pomfret fish ..not pirahna u dumbass…there was 3 types of pomfret fish-silver,black n gold..go n google it

  8. এটা রুপচান্দা মাছ নয়! তাছাড়া ইন্ডিয়ানদের খাবার দাবার, রান্না ভাল নয়! আমার চারপাশে প্রচুর পান্জাব, হরিয়ানা এলাকার মানুষ থাকে, ওদের রান্না ভাল নয় একবার খেলে আর খেতে চাইবেন না, সবকিছুর ভিতর প্রচুর হলুদ, মরিচ, ক্যারির ব্যাবহার!আর ওদের রান্না কম, বানানো বেশী! আমার কাছে সবচেয়ে ভাল লেগেছে থাই, চীনা,ইতালী, বাংলাদেশ, মরক্কোর রান্না, খাবার, বাংলাদেশর খাবারে মধ্য এশিয়া( যেমন তুর্কী, ইরান) অঞ্চলের একটি প্রভাব রয়েছে এ কারনে বাংলাদেশর মেহমানি খাবার ইউরোপীয়রা খুব পছন্দ করে। ইতালী থেকে..

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