MOUTH-NUMBING Sichuan Hot Pot in Taipei, Taiwan (Day 9)

MOUTH-NUMBING Sichuan Hot Pot in Taipei, Taiwan (Day 9)
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This Sichuan hot pot in Taipei was amazing!
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Day 9 in Taiwan, Ying and I decided to take a relatively easy day by going to a few museums, and doing something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, eat a Sichuan hot pot.

0:26 Miniatures Museum of Taiwan
The first place on our agenda for the day was a quick stop at the Miniatures Museum of Taiwan, a small private museum of models of famous buildings and architectures, especially European and English style. The museum was alright if you like to see models and the models were incredibly well detailed and very well done. Overall, it wasn’t really my style of a museum though, so we just spent a few minutes there and then it was time to eat lunch.

1;39 Old Sichuan Hot Pot – Incredible Meal
After a quick search, I noticed there was a Sichuan hot pot restaurant located just around the block from the Miniature Museum of Taiwan, and so we headed right there as they opened to have a Sichuan hot pot meal experience. The restaurant was very nice and well decorated, a real nice place. I wasn’t sure how expensive it was going to be, but we just decided to go for it and have lunch. Our water didn’t really speak English, so it was a bit of a challenge to order, but luckily they had pictures of the different plates to order, and from there they served everyone the same due of soups for the hot pot. Sichuan hot pot is a bit different from other types of hot pot because of the soup. The soup contained a lot of Sichuan pepper corns, which are little berries that have a numbing effect on the mouth and tongue as you eat them. Along with the boiling broth, we ordered a plate of beef, pork, and a plate of fish and vegetables. My first experience with eating a Sichuan hot pot was amazing, and my mouth stayed numbing and tinging for our entire meal. It for sure made me crave more Sichuan food and I can’t wait to visit Sichuan hopefully in the future. Our Sichuan hot pot meal was a bit on the expensive side, but the quality was fantastic and it was well worth it.

7:30 Confucius Temple
A few days before Ying and I had tried to visit the Confucius Temple, but unfortunately it was closed on the day we went. So since we weren’t too far, we decided to go back to the Confucius Temple. It was very quiet, and we just browsed around for a few minutes.

8:17 Taipei Fine Arts Museum
Our final stop of the day was a visit to the Taipei Fine Arts Museum, a museum showcasing contemporary Taiwanese art. The museum was quite interesting if you enjoy modern art, and for the price it was worth visiting.

Pretty tired and feeling amazing after that Sichuan hot pot, we went back to our hotel and called it a day. It wasn’t a very long Day 9, but it was very good – an amazing meal.

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  1. Lol Mark abandoned the "Miniature Museum" when he spotted a Sichuan Hot Pot Restaurant opposite the Museum!! Thats a true foodie! Loving it.

  2. It's def ironic. I was hoping to see you eat Sichuan too bc you handle spicy very well. Thanks! Food for thought: from all over the world, you ever wonder what people think when they see the amount of chili you consume? It's nuts! Keep it up, Wiens!

  3. I support most food bloggers!!! Mark Weinz, Mike Chen of Strickly Dumpling, Trevor, Fung Bros etcs! I make it a point i didn't skip ads!!! Peace and spread love to the world!!!

  4. I get hungry everytime he puts food into his mouth. I still continue watching though and adding my bucket list with his food trips

  5. …and in US, the most prosperous country according to Trump, we eat shitty running over hyped Italian PIZZAS in less than a minute for dinner!

  6. I love you two so much , thank you for all your doing , I love all foods myself and I’m definitely going to be buying some of foods you all are eating , God Bless All ??????

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