INSTANT KARMA 2017 – INSTANT JUSTICE POLICE, Instant Justice for IDIOT Drivers, Driving Fails #33

INSTANT KARMA 2017 - INSTANT JUSTICE POLICE, Instant Justice for IDIOT Drivers, Driving Fails #33
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INSTANT KARMA 2017 – INSTANT JUSTICE POLICE, Instant Justice for IDIOT Drivers, Driving Fails #33 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!

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  1. The new release of beloved many subscribers playlist "Instant Karma"
    Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
    Новый выпуск полюбившегося многим подписчикам, плейлиста "Мгновенная карма"
    Приятного просмотра, будьте аккуратней на дороге!

  2. How can some of these people yell 'YES' and be so satisfied seeing someone being pulled over. I never get that and can't cope with the fact that they are so full of joy when other people get in trouble. How can they laugh at that moment, just how?

  3. Лучше не смеяться а плюнуть чтобы такие не встречались ну или чтобы с вами такое не случалось)

  4. I remember almost 25 years ago, mid winter late evening on a country road, there was snow on the ground and less than a dozen vehicles going real slowin a line, and we just got into a no passing section when some idiot passed most of us to be abke to go faster, then another car passed and i saw a statey emblem on it, sure enough less than half a mile down the road the statey had the 2st car pulled over, can't speek for the other drivers/passengers but i sure as hell was lmao????????????

  5. A driver did not skip a pedestrian.
    Oh they skipped by but didn't get far. Though thinking about it is pretty much what it meant just worded in a way it didn't make sense to me.
    Should be Failed to yield and got busted.
    Or tried to pull a fast one and didn't work in their favor.

  6. Not really karma, just a few good officers doing their jobs and being at the right spot at the right time. But fun to watch nonetheless xD.

  7. 4-09 4-10 классный переход!! из цивилизации в средневековье!!!! жесть.
    ну где вы там ? кремлеботы. не нравится россия- вали в США.

  8. These people who drive on the shoulder to pass traffic, all because they don't want to wait like everyone else, and think they are above other drivers and above waiting in line, I get such satisfaction when cops bust them out for doing that! Another traffic pet peeve I have, is when you are waiting in traffic when there is roadwork being done and there is one lane blocked off, and so the traffic has to merge into the lane that isn't blocked off. I can't stand people who feel that they are too good to wait in line, that their time is so much more valuable than the others who have been waiting patiently in line. They are driving along, they can see the traffic that has already started formed in the lane that isn't blocked off. They see the last car in the traffic, and instead of stopping behind the last car in line, they just drive on by in the opposite lane, to try to get as close as possible to where the lanes actually merge into one. There are some people who go ahead and let them in front of them, and there are some who feel the way I do. If I had to sit in this traffic and wait, then everyone should have to wait too. The ones I have seen, they don't want just anyone in line to let them over, they drive all the way to where their lane ends, and then sit there and wants someone to let them over where the lanes have actually merged. I have seen cars do that, and then sit there waiting for someone to let them over (because they have no more lane to drive on!), but no one does. They end up waiting longer for someone to let them over, than it would if they would've actually waited in line. I would never have the guts to do what these rude people do. Sorry this was a long post, it's just that when I am passionate or really frustrated about stupid stuff that stupid people do, I tend to ramble and vent my frustrations. But, I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way about these douchebag drivers. They are one of the many reasons people get road rage, and end up doing something bad to the other driver.

  9. These cops that are pulled off on the side of the road, and they flag down a car and tell them to pull over to the side, how do they know if the person they flagged down was speeding? The video near the beginning of the video, where the cop flags down the minivan, from the dashcam's point of view, the cop couldn't even see the minivan, because you can't see the cop. The road was slanting downward and the cop was near the bottom of the slope. How does he know what the minivan driver did, because he couldn't see it until started going downhill. Just wondering. I have always wondered why cops on the side of the road flag people to pull over. They can't clock their speed because they are outside of their car and have no way of knowing if the car was speeding, or not.

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