Cutest Puppies 4 Week Old Great Danes (MEET MY PUPPY!)

Cutest Puppies 4 Week Old Great Danes (MEET MY PUPPY!)
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  1. You honestly make me strive to be a better person.
    You are so beautiful inside and out!
    Thank you for being you, never change <3

  2. I'm loving your vlogs every few days!! So nice to see what's going on with you kitty !!! Your puppy is cute!! I'm hardcore missing Kelowna lately! Time for a visit soon?

  3. I'm so sorry for being a nerd right now, but if you haven't seen The True Cost on Netflix, I highly recommend it.

    It will definitely open your eyes to the fashion industry, which purchases to make, and how to change the world and make a difference, with your purchases.

    I hope you like it! I love your posts!

  4. Kelowna looks like a great place to live, so pretty. Its actually a "sister city" or something from city/ area I live in The Netherlands. The Canadians from Kelowna libirated that area in ww2. Learning new stuff every day every day Kappa!

  5. You actually live in the coolest place ive ever seen, the mountains, the lake, and there is legitimately a garden zoo in your backyard.

  6. Research about pet food because most known information is bullshit. Use Petcurean or Orijen for Dry food, Honest Kitchen or Grandma Lucy's if you wanna go that extra mile. GOOD DAY

  7. Are you getting the full black puppy or did you change your mind:) love ya ! And all the puppies are so beautiful omg I would have a hard time lol choosing one 🙂

  8. Great danes are LARGE, personally I love the look of Staffordshire Bull Terriers. How do you feel about them?

  9. Such sweet babies! Good luck, you'll need it with a puppy haha. But really I'm sure you'll be an awesome dog mom, she looks like such a sweetheart! <3

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