Must Try Sichuan Food | Chinese Firewood Chicken

Must Try Sichuan Food | Chinese Firewood Chicken
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This is a MUST try Sichuan food! Believe me! In Sichuan, Food is the meaning of life. These Sichuan flavours brought brought joy to all.
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I’ve been living in Sichuan for nearly a year now, and I’ve tried most of the famous Sichuan foods. Mapo Doufu, Twice cooked pork, Kung Pao chicken, all the snacks, all the noodles, and all classics that you try when you first get here. But I wanted something new, something delicious and exciting and life changing. I asked my local Chengdu friend Chuchu for her recommendation, and she pointed us in the direction of this amazing Sichuan Firewood Chicken AKA “Chaihuoji”.

We took a bus ride about 45 minutes outside of Chengdu to an area they found that had the most classic Firewood Chicken. I was hesitant at first because there was no one eating there, but Chuchu assured me this was the best place, and that people usually don’t come all this way outside on the weekends, but during the weekdays it’s always busy.

The first thing you have to do is talk to the chef and choose a chicken that you like, and they will kill it for you. Unfortunately, they told us that the butcher who usually does that work was off for the afternoon so we had to choose a chicken killed earlier that morning. That was OK, but I was hoping to get it on footage to make for an interesting video.

They clean the chicken for you and then prepare all the classic Sichuan ingredients. Doubanjiang “Broad bean paste”, dried chilies, fresh chilies, ginger, garlic, potatoes, taro, and bamboo shoots.

The essence of the flavour comes from the Doubanjiang paste, which is a little spicy and almost a little creamy when combined with the oil and all the other ingredients. The result was astounding. Never have I tasted something so satisfying as when I dipped that crispy yet gooey flatbread into the juicy heavens and then took a bite. It was mind blowing, something I have only dreamed of in Sichuan food. Although a little pricey for this meal (45$), this is a meal that I will keep coming back for during special occasions and gatherings with friends.

The address was a little hard to find, but if you’re up for a Sichuan adventure you can give this address to the taxi, its a bit of a drive from Chengdu!

四川省成都市新都区新园路与学院路东段交叉口北行50米路西 婆婆说吃柴火鸡

You surely won’t be disappointed with this meal, trust me!

And be sure to check out my good bro Simon’s Instagram, a chef that has studied Sichuan food for years, full of beautiful Sichuan cookery:

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