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  1. Tracklist:
    00:00 Level 8, Britt Lari & imallryt – Seorita
    02:05 Nito-Onna, Harddope, PACANI – Bloody Marry
    04:10 B Martin, Capri, PACANI – Im Blue
    06:33 EQRIC, PHARAH, Britt ft. Kris Norton – Stereo Hearts
    08:42 Arc North, New Beat Order, Cour – Faded
    11:06 Dj Goja x Magic Phase – Calm Down
    13:53 Cour, Meyo, Ravid ft. Timmy Commerford – Ferrari
    15:59 The Late Night Project, PACANI – Love Me Like You Do
    18:42 Dame Dame & Jordan Rys – Beautiful Girl
    21:19 Twin, Goodscandal – Pump It Up
    23:58 Poylow – Listen To Your Heart (ft. Lunis)
    26:03 EQRIC & Kverz & Alaina Cross – Applause
    28:37 BIMONTE – Dragostea Din Tei
    30:43 Ericovich – Angel With A Shotgun
    32:59 Harddope, Halvorsen, LexMorris – More Than You Know
    35:39 Robbe, Derrick Ryan – Breaking Me
    37:53 EQRIC, Narvent, Timmy Commerford – Let Me Love You
    40:13 Boostereo, TheTrendy – Dub I Dub
    42:24 Poylow & CPX – Havana (ft. Britt Lari)
    44:49 SAVAS x C4TO x ZAYDA – SomeSay
    47:32 EQRIC, Poorchoice, Timmy Commerford – Please Don't Go
    49:38 2Hounds & Golden Wizards & Nito-Onna – Gold Skies
    52:17 EQRIC & Britt Lari & Level 8 – Starships
    54:16 EMDI x Britt Lari – All Over The World
    56:51 Harddope, Dream Chaos, BadScandal – Out Of My Head
    59:28 ONEIL & KANVISE – In Too Deep
    01:01:55 Veronica Bravo, Twin – Infinity
    01:04:27 Protocleus & Edpranz & Leila – Tired
    01:07:04 Twin, Veronica Bravo – Do It To It
    01:09:30 Stayer, Benlon – Hangover
    01:11:37 GRHHH, Glamii & Margad – Bananza (Belly Dancer)

  2. Im going to leave this comment here, so whenever someone likes it, I know that the person who liked the comment is happy, proud, and if in hard times, they know that they are going to make it out of the rough times! I know that because I did that. Im having a hard time right now but Im getting out of it. For the people who dont believe, please believe. Because if you dont, you're never going to get away from it, and thats what makes you more down. Remember that you are loved, even if you dont see it, and you are priceless. And people are proud of you!! Have a good day or night to all, stay happy!

  3. Que padre escuchar que en su resea Ibai le da crdito a Natanael Cano ya qu a nivel mundial no ha sido recocido como el rey de los corridos tumbados

  4. I'm not one of those "AI is taking over everything and society is doomed" people, but now I'm starting to get a little bit scared…

  5. I've written and published almost a hundred books, but none of them have sold many copies. When I switched over to music, I stopped publishing books, but I still write because I find the act of writing cathartic. None of my creative endeavors have ever made any money, but they did, and still do, fill a gaping hole in my life

  6. I don't even know what to say… this is just breathtaking with its vocals and visuals…
    Ashnikko is way too underrated for their own good.

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