DRIVING on WET ROAD – Hydroplaning

DRIVING on WET ROAD - Hydroplaning
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DRIVING on WET ROAD – Hydroplaning – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. All of these are just stupid people driving.
    1. Know the weight of your car to understand how fast you should be going. A 2 tonne car going 60mph is way lighter than a 4 tonne car doing the same
    2. Dont brake that only builds more water for the tires to "surf" on.
    3…pray you gain back traction quickly before weight distribution gets too far out of wack??

  2. 9:36 – конченный уёбок на гнилом древнем фольце. И своё корыто разбил и другим людям жизнь попортил, ублюдок. Сцуко, куда вы ломитесь на своих то тарансах блять? Гонщики ебаные… Тут тачки по 5 лямов со всеми существующими электронными помощниками, но топовых дорогих шинах разлетаются в клочья, и блять летит уёбище на тачке за 15 000 рублей на лысой резине под 120 км на мокрой трассе… Не жалко таких выродков ни разу!

  3. Its raining, why speed?~ double hydroplanex❤️! Do se do your truck~ yes I hit you mane yes, I’m going to keepgoing~ thx for the video, you are the nest

  4. I can tell you this honestly. Now when I am driving or I'm a passenger my perception has changed since watching CC Tube I am a much more careful driver!!! Drive slower and save your life!

  5. I've never hydroplaned while driving nor been in a car that did. When it rains, I drive the slowest legal speed limit and turn on my headlights. If the rain is really bad and I'm on a fast driving road, I put on my hazard lights. I want to make sure I am seen.

    Often, I drive slow enough that the collections of water slow down my car. Literally, my car enters the puddle and drags a little bit. That is still better than the alternative of hydroplaning!

  6. 9:08
    "Your bunny wrote.. ah .. Your bunny wrote, sooka"
    Sometimes your bunny writes blyat, yet in this instance, your bunny wrote sooka. Most of the time, those Russians say that your bunny brought blyat.

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