Best Bhutanese Food – FEAST of Bhutan Dishes – Fermented YAK Cheese! (Day 12)

Best Bhutanese Food - FEAST of Bhutan Dishes - Fermented YAK Cheese! (Day 12)
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Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant serves some of the best Bhutanese food you’ll ever eat.
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If there’s one Bhutanese food restaurant you have to eat at when you’re in Bhutan it’s the Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant. This was probably the best Bhutanese food meal that I had in all of Bhutan. The food and the knowledge of Bhutanese culture was amazing.

Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant – They also have a museum, but the best reason to come here is for their restaurant. They aim to really preserve traditional Bhutan culture and food. Even though I had been in Bhutan for almost two weeks already, I tried some very unique Bhutanese dishes at Folk Heritage Museum Restaurant and also got a lesson on how to eat traditional Bhutanese food. This is one of the world’s greatest Bhutanese restaurants and preservations of Bhutanese culture in Thimphu.

Here are some of the main Bhutanese dishes we ate:
Suja – herbal butter tea
Sweet buckwheat
Bitter buckwheat noodles
Dried fiddlehead ferns
Roasted barley dough
Bamboo shoots and fermented beans
Dried beef with fermented yak cheese
Sikam paa – dried pork with chilies
Chanterelle mushrooms
Ema datshi – chillies and cheese
Bhutanese chicken curry
Kewa datshi – potatoes and cheese

After our huge Bhutanese food lunch we had some Indian food with Matt including some momos and paratha for dinner.

It was a great day of food in Thimphu, Bhutan!


It was an honor to be invited by MyBhutan to visit Bhutan to explore Bhutanese food and culture. Thank you to MyBhutan Productions for making my trip and this video possible!

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  1. Bhutan seems so interesting. The culture seems very similar tibetan but with more north indian influence and local flavors. Also it is funny to see how some things look indian influenced while others are more chinese influenced. Interesting. Also the landscape has many differences with tibet des pite some ressemblance. The country is at a very high elevation but is very green and forested compared to tibet. The climate seems different also, while the north has cold very continental or mountainous climate similar to Tibet but most of the country always seems "spring-like", never hot and never very cold.

  2. The food looks nice but the cheese is called Nak cheese since yak is the male . Male doesn’t make milk . Nak does , who is the female

  3. i love to watch u. but often questions arise in ma mind that where u burn all the absorbed calories,fats,carbs e.t.c..i m really eager to know. coz me too a foodie and i wanna look slim without workout.

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