Alabama Animal Hoarding Rescue

Alabama Animal Hoarding Rescue
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Over 200 animals were found living in deplorable conditions in Alabama, and are being safely removed and transported to an emergency shelter where they will be examined by a team of veterinarians and receive any necessary medical care.


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  1. Ok there is one thing to say i can't afford vet bills but, there is no reason to be so filthy and dirty, what a disgusting human, buy cheap detergent and a scrubbing brush and wash the dog bowls OMG!

  2. It is February 2019 as I write: We support the HSUS with our activism, and our checkbook. We encourage others: get on board in any way you can – donate/foster/rescue/advocate/TNR/volunteer.

  3. A lot of those dogs look fine they have shiny, fluffy coats which means they are healthy yes some of them are in bad condition but some of them aren't

  4. "I gotta live with it because I can't afford a Vet"

    Hey lady! You're a horrible person that abuses animals, some veterinarians out there are at a very low price. You're going to jail for animal abuse. You rat basterd this wouldn't of happened if you only had two dogs. Not one hundred.

  5. And they're all such good dogs, so cute and friendly and playful. It's a damn shame they had to live like that for lord knows how long. I'm happy they're all safe and sound now.

  6. The right thing would have been: never to hoard like this. But it's a sickness, and now the animals are going to be all right. Is anyone legally forbidding this woman to ever keep animals again? That would be REALLY wise..

  7. Animal hoarding is tragic. In many cases compulsive hoarding of animals is brought on by a person's deep attachment to them. In this case in Alabama the dogs looked like they were suffering from the overcrowding conditions of an animal hoarding scenario. Watch this video to find out more on the afflictions of animal hoarding.

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