Wow !!!!! ..Huge Snakes Rescued in the Wild – "SNAKE RESCUE"

Wow !!!!! ..Huge Snakes Rescued in the Wild - "SNAKE RESCUE"
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An indian rock python and a spectacled cobra rescued after being trapped together in the well for over 6 months. Here is the story.

Every species in the wild has unique survival strategies, best suited to its environment. There are some who needs to eat regularly and then there are some who feeds occasionally or even rarely depending on the food supplies.
Taking this strategy to the extreme were the two snakes we found trapped inside a well near a forest chowki in Ranthambore. It was winter morning are we were off to our field work when we came across this well and noticed something strange.
As we lowered the bucket for water we could two snakes in it, a rock python and a cobra.
As per the guard it’s been about 6 months since they are trapped together in this well. It had no reason to disbelieve him since he was the only person drawing water from this well.
Had it been a tiger it would have been a national issue but sadly snakes were on nobodies priority list. But as a researcher you are not tought to discriminate between species and individuals.
We were no snake resque experts but thought to give it a go anyway. We may lose some precious field time but then it was unethical to leave the snakes like that ….trapped forever.
After appling some logical mind and doing bit of improvisation we lowered the long rope with bucket.
The idea was to get the cobra move into the waterthen lower the whole bucket and wait for the right momentto pull it up when the mid portion of the snake would roughly be at the centre of the submereged bucket.
In that condition the cobra wont be able to fall back. Easier said than done.
The plan succeded after 2 hours of persistent efforts.
The rapid rotation of the bucket got the snake disoriented and angry.
Now the weak rope could snap as the bucket was heavy with the weight of water.
But the biggest problem was the snake itself who was clearly annoyed with our persistence and didn’t know that we are just trying to resque him.
Finally the snake was out.
It was the biggest spectacled cobra I have ever seen any where.
Surprisingly he looked normal and rather energetic.
Snakes can lower there metabolic rates drastically which allows them to survive long periods without food.
Recent research findings have revealed that snakes actually grow in length during starvation which must be of some selective advantage.
They survive on the fat reserve on the fat reserve for a long time and some species can live upto 2 yrs without food.
We struggled to get the cobra away from the well which was imp inorder to get his buddy out.
Eventually he settle down and left for a warm burrow.
The bucket trick coudnt not work for the clumsy python. So we tried a heavily branched bush.
He was not as agile as the cobra, and was barely hanging till he changed his mind.
It took us another hour, to pull this determined python out.
It was one memorable day in the field.
In the end the snakes got the freedom and we got the satisfaction.

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