Luchi Ghugni 12 rs Only | Cheap But Tasty Street Food Kolkata

Luchi Ghugni 12 rs Only | Cheap But Tasty Street Food Kolkata
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Luchi Ghugni 12 rs Only | Cheap But Tasty Street Food Kolkata.

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  1. Just curious, I see folks getting "seconds" in a lot of these street food they pay extra for the extra food? Who keeps track of how much is eaten? Is it on the honor system so the customer figures out how much to pay? Just wondering..

  2. Food so cheap i guess this is not quality food otherwise this must be social Service becoz 12 rs two puri with chana black lentils highly impossible if 25 rs then ok this is a loss business wise..

  3. This dish you can eat any time… breakfast . Lunchtime… dinnertime or even evening party time! Yummy!!!! Especially near the railway stations in the morning time office hour !!! But too much busy!!!! Because every one is in rush for going to work!!! That's another fun !!!

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