Eyal Shani Ha Salon – HOTTEST RESTAURANT in Tel Aviv, Israel!

Eyal Shani Ha Salon - HOTTEST RESTAURANT in Tel Aviv, Israel!
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I don’t normally eat at very many high end fancy restaurants like this. But my friend David (https://www.instagram.com/the.hungry.tourist/) invited me to eat at Eyal Shani’s flagship restaurant in Tel Aviv known as Ha Salon (The Salon), saying it was one of the most unique restaurants you’ll ever try. So thank you to David for getting reservations and for covering this meal.

It turned out to be very exciting, with a full open kitchen where you could watch all the food being prepared in front of you. It was lively, and the food was prepared with extremely high quality ingredients.

A couple things for you to know:
1. It’s extremely expensive
2. It’s a very party environment, so don’t come here for a quiet relaxed date where you can have a conversation.

Ha Salon Restaurant (The Salon) – Eyal Shani
8 Ma’avar Yabok, Tel Aviv 6744012, Israel

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  1. Thanks for your company and culinary delight. If had bad day I may pour glass of fine wi e but put me Mark Wein travel and food sharing. I feel great. Thanks

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