5 Super Animals Saving Other Animals

5 Super Animals Saving Other Animals
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When it comes to daring rescues we usually think of humans saving other people but think again! The List’s Bradley Hasemeyer looks at amazing animals saving other animals on the Hit List.

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  1. I have a dog ? that is mine but also my grandads she is a black lab called mou they also have chickens and one cat and one goes and eight ducks mou saved a chick ? from a cat ? the cat was trying to get the chicks ? but mou some how know the cat ? was outside mou ran and went to go and scare the cat away

  2. I have Boston tarter and he fond a girl and he stay to find help went i came I throw a treat he went and i follow led he then I help the dog the girl dog

  3. did the narrator really just make a My Little Pony reference saying Daring Do witches author / book character that Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle are obsessed with

  4. If only my cute hammys were like this, all they ever do is snatch eachothers treats that I give to them… But I still love them!!!

  5. I cried when I saw these videos and I want to be a vet because of this thank you. please if you see a dangered animal help them please. they diserve a 2nd chance.

  6. before there was a bad storm and my rabbits were outside in their hutch and they were really scared so my dog slept beside their hutch overnight to keep them company ?

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