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  1. They should make it so that everytime when animal fight goes on were if one of the other animals health is gone the other animal does the animation of taking it down.. so for example when a bloodfang and regular one are fighting and the regular ones health is gone the fight animation is done by the bloodfang…and speaking of animated fights..they should make different ones for every animal that does the animation..for example….there should be another animation fight for 2 sabretooths…and that goes the same for all the other animals fights..and i dont mean they should get rid of the ones that are already there, but so they make more of them…like if you agree

  2. And man I wish they made more animals to tame..and so that you can actually build..and the game was never ending and so you can tame 500 animals even the ones you couldn't normally if you agree with this

  3. At 1:42..when my bloodfang sabretooth was doing fight animation with a regular sabretooth…the regular one glitched into my bloodfang as my bloodfang was doing the animation and after the part when my bloodfang was biting the regular sabretooths neck…the regular one just dropped out of my bloodfang sabretooths body when it died…it was weird..had that happened to anyone else

  4. Someone noticed that he started to repeat the animal attacks he has no imagination. For example he could put the black panther, the wolf and many more …..

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