Police Heroes Rescues – Real Life Heroes – Faith In Humanity Restored 2018

Police Heroes Rescues - Real Life Heroes - Faith In Humanity Restored 2018
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Police Heroes Rescues – Real Life Heroes – Faith In Humanity Restored 2018 – Enjoy watching, be careful on the road!
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  1. Brings back some sad memories. Although I seriously wasn't suicidal, but I needed to relax. Only way at that time for me was stand on a passage and watch the cars drive by in the dark. The backlights and the sounds make me become relaxed.
    Suddenly I heard two doors slam and I knew it. The cops.
    Whole story about how one of them lost his mom due to suicide and all. Was taken to a cell before a mental health care worker showed up and at 5am they took me to a MH hospital, who told me they seemed it best to stay for the max of a week.

    Have to admit that the one police officer was very nice, he came to wish me well while I was in a cell with a blanket for the cold and a peptalk.
    I didn't need it, I was just having a lot of stress that I had an outlet for. Too bad that ended in jail though ?

  2. the picture of the kid hugging the policeman should not be there.
    he, along with 5 siblings, was murdered by his batshit -crazy 'mothers' in a murder-suicide (van driven off cliff in california)
    the kids had been hit and starved for a long time before this happened, it's an all-around terrible story.

  3. God bless these men and women! We as a society need to start taking more time to show love and mercy to each other. Help others out and show kindness. You never know, it could literally help save a life. Absolutely amazing video!

  4. Why would you add "sad" music on a video showing heroic acts? It just sounds wrong to me. Those cops are badass. Make it sound like so.

  5. Great video, but… all I see are policemen wasting time and resources to stop a fellow from commiting suicide today, only to be back at it tomorrow. Just let them go, its their choice.

  6. There my Brothers. I myself am a firefighter. I remember i was on a motor vehicle accident, and if it wasn't for a Sherriffs officer warning me of a speeding truck about to hit me and my Coworkers, I and Everyone wouldn't be here. The ThinBlueLine are Heroes and i wouldn't be here today if it were not for the Brave Men&Woman of law enforcement.


  7. Truly awesome video. Acts and courage and compassion should encourage us all. Thank you to all of our first responders! ❤️

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